Pic whorin' some Tri-bars

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  1. those look awesome, thats a real clean ride man
  2. ummmmm....yeah....tribars.....you still have the ponies right, I really liked those on your ride.
  3. Tri bars look sweet on a fox. At least to me.
  4. :stupid:

    Looks good...:nice:
  5. alright I looked again, there not so bad...but I still loved the ponies on that car. You car IMO was one of the cleanest stock looking stangs on the site...I really liked it best that way.
  6. thanks DMAN....i dont have the fox ponies, but i have some 'waffles' which are close...they will be back on tomorrow since i have to drive with good tires


    ah found one..

  7. yup..nice.
  8. Those look rewally good, alot better then the waffles or ponys imo, i would paint them black and polish the lip :D but looks clean just how it is :nice:
  9. I never really liked Tribars, but they actually look really good on your car! Keep 'em!
  10. Those tribars don't look half bad!
    I'm impressed, I honestly wouldn't have ever thought of puting em on a fox.
    not bad at all!

    the ponies, i love pony rims, but after seeing the tribars on the fox, the ponies make the car look a bit... old?

    not a fan of the waffles either.

    i'd probably keep the tribars on :nice:
  11. why do they call those waffles? i would think they'd have a squares all over them or something. don't like them anyway.

    the ponies look good, and i'll agree with everyone else the all silver tribars look better than the black/polished cobra r ones did IMO
  12. thanks fellas. I'd like to keep them on but the tires are shot and my other ones are new. The tires in the pics are also 275/40's all the way around and they are a little too big...
    I also think they might look nice with pony wheel center caps with the emblem on them...maybe ill try that out too

  13. I've got 245/50's on all 4 of mine, the fronts seem to be a perfect fit...when it's time for rears I'm going to go to something a bit larger.

    when you wear out the tires on the waffle's, go back to the tri-bar's..

    I've had tri-bars on my car for 3 years now, and unless something drastic happens, they will be there for a while...
  14. thats definately the plan...they need refinished and then ill get some new rubber on em
  15. Looks good.

    I like Tri-bars on fox bodys.

    I agree with mob on painting them black and polishing the lip. :nice:
  16. They look really good on your car :nice:
  17. thats exactly what i was about to say do to it. will look SWEET!!!