Pic whorin' some Tri-bars

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  1. that would be nice...hard part seems to be buyin those expensive chrome centers, and I don't know how to polish just the lip of the wheel..a Dremel maybe???
    Heck, i'll do it, if its not all that hard lol.
    There is a swap meet on Saturday where i may find the centers
  2. Are the waffles and tri-bars the same size? Switch the tires.

    Either way, dat chit looks good!

    Cliff :)

  3. naw..the waffles are 16's and the tri's are 17's
  4. Hey, where's your sense of adventure? They'll stretch. :p
  5. thats it... chrome cobras for me now...
  6. Looks sweet, I'm really diggin' cobra tail lights.
  7. thanks....now i have the GT's, the LX's and the cobras, and the cobras are by far the best looking. I just like the amber signals lol
  8. I was just telling droptop, I actually like these better than any of the stang tails.....

  9. paint some cheese graters the same color and try them on the capri.

    Would those bolt up directly to my stang?
  10. nice. i like the tri-bars. They look good black like the ones on the 93 cobra R
    :nice: :nice:
  11. I dont remember if all of the studs in the Capri tails line up with the holes form the stang tails. I think maybe 4 of them are good. Drill a couple more holes and do some cutting for the light bulbs being located differently. That's about it.
  12. run 245/45/17 on those tri-bars

    they look killer on your car
  13. x 2.

    Best part is they look like ass on the 94-95 GT's they came on, so you can usually pick them up cheap! :nice:

  14. i agree totally...i've been searching for a set for a while now...they'd go good with the GT style