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    Hey all, just thought I'd share some pics of me doing the Tail of the Dragon this past weekend! My car is mostly stock, still on the original spark plugs and wires lol. Drove her 500 miles down, romped on it all day, and drove it back. Got about 23.5 mpg going 80 with the ac blowing and the stereo going. Great fun, and hows that for some 19 year old 5.0 reliability? :)
  2. Such a whore...

    Great looking stang bro!
  3. nice.. i have wanted to do that road for a while.
  4. Do a tune up and you'll probably get even more MPG's lol
  5. 23.5 @ 80 is pretty outstanding! Looks like it was a bunch of fun. Great looking SN95, too. Like the wheels :)
  6. Thanks all! Yeah she doesn't quite stand up to today's mustang but the engine fires right up and sounds pretty good. I do decent on gas for a V8 and its paid for =)
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  7. don't start talking that reliability chit, thats when it starts going downhill
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  8. That's a real nice car you got there! I love it so clean! I'm jealous lol