Picked Up 302...lots Of Questions After Reading What I Can

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  1. hi. i got this motor/bell housing and 4cyl mustang 5spd pretty cheap.
    it was last in a fox body. anyone know what year its from by looking at it?
    it was EFI and converted to carb(missing carb now though)

    im new to V style motors and RWD ..and carb. reading online tells me it has a mechanical fuel pump on the bottom. iv spotted it. so will i still need an electric pump? can i jus get a more efficient mechanical pump and have no electric pump?
    im trying to make this swap as simple as possible. cable tranny etc.

    is there such thing as 1 wire dizzy? jus run power to it and crank the starter(pumps its own fuel and "MOTOR STARTS?"

  2. If you are sure you want to run a carb, there are HEI style one wire distributors for Ford motors. I miss the year of Mustang, but if it is a 4 eye with a carb, this will be an easier swap. But you will need to learn some (OK, plenty) about wiring to make it right. An EFI pump will gas blow past the needle seats in a carb. I like the idea of using the mechanical pump if you pull the efi pump and make a pick up tube with a "sock" pre-filter, adding another filter before the carb. There are swap links under FAQ that could answer a lot of your questions. But what year the Mustang is is a good place to start.
  3. I would think he could still use the EFI pump and pickup as long as he has a regulator inline dialed down to the proper pressure?
  4. I have heard it does not work so well.
    I have been thinking he would be best off with a (new?) Harness for the motor, a couple of wiring diagrams, then making up what he needs foe gauges and power. Otherwise it will likely be a cobbled up nightmare.
  5. hello everyone this is my first post to this site..

    I am currently working on building a "frank-en-car" the frame/body is a 59 Edsel villager (6 passenger) and I am currently installing a 5.0 out of an 88 cougar (believe it is an "F" motor) (specs look pretty bad but its what i was given to work with)

    I was wondering if anyone knew the differences between the 88 cougar motor and the 86 GT motor (specs are much better) and also was wondering if anyone knew what was all involved in deleting the air pump and that nasty tube that runs across the back of the heads. we are trying to keep the fuel injection but don't want any of the extra bulky emissions crap. we are not trying to build a super rod but what something respectable and reliable.

    so far: we are kinda going for a surfer wagon theme, trying to keep the patina (not sure if that's spelled right but u get the idea) I am personally hoping for 250 hp/300 ft/lbs. any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    3" drop spindles front
    new ball joints
    3" lowering blocks and flipped the shackles (rear)
    new leaf spring bushings
    custom motor mounts
    custom trans cross member
    all new steering components
    power steering conversion
    4 wheel disk brake conversion
    new master cylinder/ brake booster
    fresh interior
    almost all new glass
    '59 surf board

    headman headers
    new timing cover and gasket
    new water pump
    new thermostat and housing
    new front sump oil pan and pickup tube (some modification required lol)
    ford racing valve covers
    new MSD cap and rotor
    new 8.8 mm ford racing plug wires
    new spark plugs (of course)

    still planning on inline fuel pump (capable of 110 psi but dumbed down to 55) cold air intake, mass air flow, and Flowmaster american thunder series exhaust and new wheels and tires

    hope that you guys can give me some ideas on how to get rid of the evap/egr BS and some cheap ideas to get as much power as possible
    IMG_20130606_145452_490.jpg IMG_20130613_171803_072.jpg IMG_20130614_163321_422.jpg

  6. Thread jacker lls
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  7. does anyone know what the best diameter exhaust is to run on this setup? or if an H or an X pipe works best on this motor
  8. Why are you asking these questions on someone else's thread that's not even relevant to you use the search function here and create your own thread you'll get more responses
  9. I never mind closely related questions, but a separate thread may be called for here. That's a lot of questions to add to a thread, and either of these can easily turn into a build thread. Good luck and I will help as I can with a new post.
  10. lol. the motor is going in this.
    screenshot tools
    im making a new gas tank from a 30gl drum and put feed and return hose on the top. so il use the mech fuel pump. still have to find a carb. so stick with HEI dizzy?
    all wiring has been removed...every single wire :) except wiring for trainhorn and lights
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  11. What in the glorified f u ck is that???
  12. its a truck..dont hate........... :roast:
  13. That no truck that's not even a rat rod that like a zombie mobile is that a purple engine?
  14. sure is....was. ripped out now. vg30 v6.
    can someone tell me what a block plate is for? will i need one? bell housing bolts right to block. tranny bolts right to bell housing? is it a spacer for something? im trying to find what flywheel i need. found one for an old 302 from a truck...i bought bolts and was given a new exedy clutch to use. still have to source a shift fork
  15. Best thing you can do is put a bullet in that thing and put it out of it's misery.
  16. oook. thanx anyways. i kinda knew a *mustang* forum would be full no help. cheers anyways guys. carry on with your off topic chats

  17. The plate helps index the starter motor. Yes, you should run one.

    First thing you should really do is identify the motor. On the driver's side of the block by the headers there should be a casting number. If you post that up it could at least narrow down the year of the motor.

    Reason i say this is because the imbalance of the 302 changed over the course of a few years from 28oz to 50oz. You really need to know what it is before you buy rotating parts like a flywheel. OLD 302's were 28oz. New ones are 50 oz
  18. sorry bout the thread jacking i reposted it under its own thread. please look for it I am about to update with my newest batch of questions lol thanks
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  19. :jaw::jaw::jaw: I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! Seriously! Awesome dude!