Picked Up A 2014 Gt

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  1. Just picked up a bare bones 2014 GT... not a single option, got it for $28,300 out the door.....so far I'm loving it
  2. Very nice
  3. Hey nice color you got there ;) Need to get you some new exhaust to fill in those gaps in the tail.
  4. You ain't kidding.... I hate how big the openings are, even I you had 6 inch tips there would be gaps...lol
  5. A little cleaned up
  6. Nice! What size are the tires btw? What rear gear ratio is base for the manual? 3.31?

    Any plans for the car?
  7. Yea 3:31....I think they are 235/50-18.....ill have to look again in morn.....for starters tint, and some sort of axle back.... then a mgw shifter and 3.73s
  8. Congrats, did you have it built or just come across it? They're having a hell of a time finding a zero option one for me
  9. Just picked up a new 2013!

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  10. I found it.....I had been looking for a while..they have a lot of black ones around here.... then I found this one and a marroon one, that one was like 500 more for paint color so I got the blue
  11. Hm they are discounting the hell out of 2014 GT's in Virginia. They are selling for like 27.2; wonder why.

    Nice btw.
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  12. Ouch! I got my 2013 with brembos and sync+ power seat for 28
  13. congrats on the new car...... I love that color.
  14. You pay sales tax there? And what %
  15. Wow, sometimes being Canadian is a real disadvantage, best I could get for a 13 GT, with track pack, glass roof, full load off the lot was $42 K and extended warranty thrown in. I think I need a green card
  16. I could've gotten a Boss for that much.
  17. In Canada the Boss was $12 K more. I really wanted the school bus yellow Boss but I could not justify the extra $$ since I am not a racer. I also like bells and whistles so it is loaded with Nav etc. Just as an aside the $CDN and $USD are about par.
  18. Something about a new car....

    Anyways, that's a good deal, and a clean looking car. In time, the simpler cars look better. The extra body kits and all make the car look more dated in time. Kind of like a LX coupe vs. a GT in foxbody. Anyways, buy is bare bones and add your own options, cheaper that way. It amazes me how much the navigation and premium stereo options can be, and for less money you can get more of a system aftermarket.