Picked up my rims today, couple teaser pics

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  1. Decided to go with 18's and i found a set of used saleen 18x9 and 18x10 in the hyperblack finish. Unfortunetly he had drag radials on the rears so i only bought the front tires. Fronts are BFG KDW's 275/35/18's. Unfortunetly, i can't seem to find a set of 295's in the same tire for the back, so i may go with something else rather than wait a couple months. Anyway, here are the pics, sorry for the crappy quality.



  2. daddy like! how much??
  3. tirerack.com carries those KDW2's in 295/35/18 :D

    nice rims btw :nice:
  4. paid $675 for what you see there, so i figure around 1100 and change all said and done.

    Both tirerack and discounttiredirect.com are out of the kdw's in the size i want. They won't have anymore until the middle of June. Anyone know any other good places to get tires?
  5. Hyperblack...interesting.....very very interesting. I've been eyeballing some Saleen's....in chrome. I've seen those hyperblack a little while back and have been wondering how they would look with my Screamin' Yellow. I'm assuming your car is white as in your avatar. Post some pics when they're mounted. Might give me some idea how they'd look on mine. Nice!
  6. hey check my sig i got those same rims, yours look darker though.. :) probably the light

    have fun paying for the rear tires :nice:
  7. My car is actually silver, i just liked the picture of the girl lol.
  8. Posts pics when done. I can't decide between hyperblack or chrome on my car
  9. they look nice...

    they weigh a TON though!!! you should notice a difference in breaking and acceleration... and not a good one :( I know I did!!!

    About getting the tires, go to Discount Tire. They will pull them from a warehouse for you most likley and you can get them in a week.