35th Anniv Picking one up tomorrow and bringing it home.

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  1. Went down to check out a 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Mustang last Saturday. I have been watching this little LE since June 2012. Spoke a few time with the owner and we finally got to meet and work out a deal.

    I'm sure a few of you have more than likely seen it on Ebay a time or 7. I'll post a few photos when I get it home and cleaned up from it's trailer ride home. It is still sitting on the original rubber so driving it 250 home is out of the question in my book due to the age of the tires.

    I will be getting some of the 35th LE accessories like the model car and book, but he doesn't have the CD case, key chain and a few other items. But, that is OK as my daughter still has the complete kit from the Silver 35th LE that I bought her back in 1999 off of the back end of the transport truck as it arrived at the selling dealership.

    I'm sure I over paid for it, but I wanted it....and got it!!!
  2. GREAT! Glad you knew what you had when you found it! We would love to see it!
  3. Making that drive twice in one week is way to many miles on ones butt. We left around 7am and got home around 4:15pm this afternoon. The car is tucked away in the garage for the evening, but I will get a few photos tomorrow and get them posted. I only drove the GT from the trailer into the garage today, but I smiled all the way.

    VOORHEES, thank you for getting back to me with the information you send my direction. I greatly appreicate it.
  4. WoW!:rock: What a beauty!! How many miles? She looks pristine.

  5. 23,550 miles on it. Our other was Black over Silver, but I am thinking that I am a little more in favor of this Black over White. And the manual transmission makes the drive more driver interactive IE: FUN!!!!
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  6. Wow what a beauty, My wife and i just bought one same color ,vert, it only has 60,ooo miles will post a few pic soon, I like the added touch on the bumper
  7. Sweet please make sure to post a few photos. I just earlier today installed the black MUSTANG letter insert decals to the rear bumper. All I can say is WOW!!! they sure jump out on a white bumper..kind of an in your face statement.

    Can't wait to see your photos, and Welcome to the group.
  8. Thank you, I am still doing some T.L.C. But as soon as it comes out of the garage for some Photos I will post a few, I would love to see the inserts you talked about, I am still considering doing a few things to this one , I want to keep this thing pretty much as it came from the factory but a few add ons might just be the trick to spruce it up .
  9. The rear bumper letter inserts are a nice addition. Especially on "LE's". My GT is bone stock except for that and tinted windows. I've always loved the way it came from the factory.
  10. Figured I post mine for you new guys.

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  11. Nice Looking ride Jason !! How many miles on the ticker , I found a new pair of 35th aniv floor mats on ebay still in plastic and box 125 got them for shows, I am really glad i found this site Just dedicated to the 35th :)
  12. I'm currently at 75,850. It was my daily for first 2 years after I bought it and from there I slowed significantly. Now I my drive it once or twice a week otherwise the wife and I carpool.
    I still have my original mats, I traded my 1994 GT for the 1999 and took the mats out of it..and kept the 35th ones new(for shows) I don't show the car anymore(got old), but never used the mats. They are expensive now.
  13. That's a good idea, the mats in this white convt I just picked up are like new, but I so still have the mats from the silver one that show a little wear. I think I will swap them out for the time being.

    Jason your car looks fantastic.
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  14. I'll get a photo taken and posted of the letter inserts later today. I purchased mine off of Amazon, but they can be found on Ebay also. Make sure you look at the total cost IE: item +shipping. Sellers like to play games, like cheap letters buy extra high cost to ship or sometimes a good price on the item and free shipping.

    My plans are to keep it as close to stock as possible for the greatest part. I have ordered the front and rear strut/shock tower braces, but haven't installed them yet. I would also like a pair of sub-frame connectors just to firm the convt up some and do away with any flex.
  15. I bought my inserts from Mustangworld.com.
  16. I Know the games your talking about, There right now is a person selling a gift set minus the car on ebay for 89.00 18.00 for shipping yesterday they had it for sale for 79.00 there is a cd case for 20 new and i think i will just piece together a gift set seeing there are so many of the chronicles out there still avail and new i would like to have a set but not going to take it in the shorts to get one, The shock tower braces and sub connectors do they make a big difference in the car ? Your comment on getting old this should make you feel good i am 54 :(
  17. From what I read the jury is kind of out as to how much difference the shock/strut braces make. Those that have them say "yes, a large difference" Those who don't have them say no difference....must be another seat of the pants scale measurement thing.

    I did come across a model of the white coupe LE on Ebay earlier today, I think it was around $40

    Now, I do here that the sub-frame connectors do make a difference and more so on a convertible than a coupe.

    I have 4 years on you in the age bracket, but I plan to have some fun before I go out.