Picking The Powder

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  1. I cant decide what color to bake the lower intake on my fresh 306. right now im using flat black and anodized silver. should i bake both intake and plenum silver or do the intake black and plenum silver...........
    The valve covers and pulleys are silver, i did the alt and timing cover black. Some high temp stickers finished off the valve covers. IMAG0218.jpg IMAG0220.jpg IMAG0221.jpg
  2. Im no fan of flat black so i say go silver
  3. Im not sure how to PC but why don't you combine the 2 like a base color and then accent it with the second color
  4. really hard to do well for me it is.anyway here is how they turned out. IMAG0020.jpg IMAG0224.jpg
  5. They turned out good. I'm gonna have to learn how to do powder coating.
  6. really easy i use a old oven off the side of the road. then got a wai powder gun off ebay. and a elcheapo sandblaster. 150$ total with powder. no compressor required.
  7. how long does it usually take to bake?
  8. 20-30 mins.
  9. Wow, turned out great! Is it really this easy and inexpensive to do? I never would have guessed.
  10. well i got the oven for free. the wai poder gun is a summit brand on ebay they run $60. then i got a harbor frieght sand blaster, kettle style. powder from eastwood on ebay. oh and a couple cans of brake clean non-clorinated to rinse the parts. not ideal but cheap and the outcome was great. ill never paint another engine part. next im gonna use chrome then a translucent black clear, should look killer
  11. ok got her together all new balanced guts. tryin to figure out some front dress fitment issues now. pretty happy with the way it looks. IMAG0234.jpg
  12. Wow that looks good!! To bad you cant do something with the power steering pump.
  13. thinking about trying a remote reservoir pump off a newer car. from what ive read it should bolt right up.
  14. Looks great to me. Nice job!
  15. Can you hydro dip it, might be cheaper
  16. im not sure sounds expensive though. lol i am teying to keep a budget of 5k total.
  17. i have about 3yrs in this build so far. i learned how to do body work, paint, fiberglass, i even made custom door panels and speaker box. took forever to lay all that glass by hand. IMAG0066.jpg IMAG0158.jpg
  18. I tried my hand at fiberglass man what a pain. I did learn you have to have patients
  19. I don't want to hijack this thread, but I would love to see more pics of your car/build!
  20. here you go. cant show amps but it has 3000 rms watts behind the box. i closed in the hoodscoop with a baffle and made a airbox for it. my ram air desiegn more to say 'yeah i did that.' a full badge delete i even filled in the bumper for a smooth look. led tail lights, the cluster is a unit from summit, i had to gu.t a broken factory cluster and fab up a plexiglass cover which i trimmed into place, i blacked out the area behind and around the display for a better look. oh and a door handle delete done right i cut em out and welded in patches. the door curves but the handle area is flat so i skimmed the door with the best filler i could find and blocked till the cows came home. the door locks actually work as handles. turn the key and it pops open. i even didthe top i WILL NEVER DO MY OWN TOP AGAIN!! IMAG0137.jpg IMAG0159.jpg IMAG0139.jpg 1394235796460.jpg 1394235882865.jpg 1394235936964.jpg 1394236163838.jpg 1394236213490.jpg 1394236294309.jpg