Picking up my first Mustang ever tomorrow, coming from Porsche


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Dec 23, 2018
Seacoast, New Hampshire
Coming out of a 2008 Cayman S, actually keeping that and doing some repaints/repairs, however really needed a new reliable car and after renting the Eco Boost for ten days I have totally fallen for the Mustang. I'm picking up a 2019 GT with PP1 tomorrow. Black on black with black wheels.

Anything I should be looking out for? The car had a mere 3mi on it when I test drove it today, it drove fantastically. I suppose the only thing I'd like in it is tighter/stiffer steering response, but I'm happy enough with it and realize it will feel different than the Cayman S.

I also have a feeling it will be a short term (one year) Mustang for me, after which I may go straight up to the Shelby, so I don't want to overthink this.

Will post some pics when I get it, pretty siked to be back in a V8 and am really impressed with what Ford has accomplished after years of driving Porsche (911 S, Cayman S) and many higher performance Audis (RS4, S4).
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Mar 2, 2015
My 19 ecoboost has it so I sure its a standard option now. I keep mine in sport mode but the wife likes the comfort mode.


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Apr 20, 2010
SW Michigan
I have a 17 GT PP 6 speed manual and it has several steering modes.