Picking Up....

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  1. a C4 next week...

    full manual trans brake all that fancy horse :poo:

    and im shooting for friday to get to the track to see if she'll go 11s NA! finally got the fuel pressure issue fixed (i think)
  2. transbrakes are FUN!
  3. It's in my garage...
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  4. Nice! What convertor did you wind up going with?
  5. havent made up my mind yet. im thinking pats since we have a pretty good relationship with Steve from the nitrous car
  6. 5000 stall. Get that whore rollin!
  7. and shift at 5800??

    i dont see myself putting out a bunch of money for a cam and heads on a motor i know i have enough HP in to split the block. if it takes the abuse of a 150 shot i'll put a 200-250 in it or slap a 2nd kit on it with the plate.

    after the Auto i want to pick up a windsor block and build a real motor. i just cant see staying 8.2 deck stock blocked.
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  8. Agreed! I forgot you were going to spray it. Really looking forward to see what it does. :pop:
  9. i feel ya! ive been busting my ass trying to get time to go but every time i got a free friday something else pops up....