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  1. I finally took some pictures and I wanted to share them with everyone. I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, and i had to do a lot of chopping and shrinking to get these pics past the size limits.

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  2. More pics

    Here are two more (two at a time, it seems!).

    I know everyone doesn't care for the look of the new Pony Package fog lights, side stripes, or the spoiler (not to mention the Windveil blue, a color you either love or hate...), but I love the way my car looks, especially now with the stripes and louvers!!!! And I don't see anyone else making my car payments for me!!! :D

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  3. All's well that ends well...

    One more... Chrome JBA muffler peeking through... Sounds great, BTW!

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  4. Looks great! I love the rear window louvers. :flag:
  5. Thanks! Now it is time to get her running as well as yours!!!
    I haven't seen anyone else with those style louvers (yet). Quantico is becoming inundated with Windveil Blue Mustangs (okay, two others), and one of them even has racing stripes (but they are of the 10" variety). No other Pony Pkgs, but I just wanted that little extra to stand out, ya know? Good thing I am getting stationed in Arlington soon! And so far I am the only S197 at my school!!!
  6. Car looks great. :nice:

    As far as your "planned mods" go, what caused you to choose JBA over Magnaflow? That sound clip of the JBA on StangNet's Parts page doesn't sound all the great to me (haven't heard them live though).
  7. excellent! that Pony package ROCKS!

    btw, who did your stripes? the dealer?
  8. Thanks, Jakoye!

    The sound clip on the JBA site sounded like what I wanted--smooth. I liked the Magnaflow sound clip also, and it was a hard decision. In person the sound is a noticeable difference from the stock but not a pretentious difference, if you know what I mean. Actually, in person it sounds like the clip on the Magnaflow website. The sound has mellowed nicely, as well. I plan on going to a dual set-up in the future, but I don't want a dual that is too loud. For the sound and quality I want, I think I will stick with JBA. But we will see!!!
  9. The stripes and louvers look great! :nice: I'm not big on the pony package though. It makes it the car look like it has 4 eyes and 2 of them requires glasses.
  10. Thanks, Shooter!

    Actually, I went to Vertex motorsports in Mclean, VA. Steve Kim, the owner, usually works on imports, but takes a lot of pride in his work and has a wonderful work ethic. He stayed late on a Saturday night (till 930, closes at 6) and even knocked off an hour's worth of labor (first kit he has seen with 20 pieces!! I DID warn him!). My dealership doesn't install stripes for some reason. Hey, but they did sell me the car under MSRP, so I guess that counts for something!!! :D
  11. :lol: No offense taken... I think I will get her lasic, instead!
  12. What brand are the louvers? Do they completely block your view through the rear windows?
    I love windveil blue. I have a 2005. The Pony Package I'm getting used to. The black stripes, sorry, I just don't care for.
  13. They have slits, so I can see some, but not enough to rely on. I have my mirrors angled WAY out so that I have very little blind area. And I have trained myself ALWAYS to look over my shoulder, as I have had some near hits before (I would say near misses, but isn't a near miss really a hit?:shrug:)They are Roush louvers and I got them at Summit racing. Yeah, the stripes are a personal preference, as is the Pony Package. The good thing is that when I get sick of them, the stripes come right off (with a time and effort, that is!!). I love the chromed foglights, though. Again, personal preferences, and you know there is no accounting for taste :rolleyes:
  14. Well, I've always been raised with the idea that "more expensive" means "better". And since the JBAs are definitely more expensive than the Magnaflows, I just assumed they'd be the better buy. At the very least I'd think they'd be of better quality.

    I want to get duals too for my forthcoming V6. What I want to avoid most of all though is putting on an exhaust that makes my car sound like those ubiquitous Honda Civics with motorcycle tailpipes on 'em (i.e. - a farting sound). :notnice: I want that "rumble" sound, deep and throaty (and now I'm just waiting for some poster to respond with "Buy a GT then!"). :rolleyes:

    When you do get your duals, will you have to make any modifications to the rear end of the car besides cutting out a piece for the second exhaust pipe?
  15. Oh yeah, I learned that lesson early on in driving. ALWAYS look over the shoulder. Oh, and signal too. WAY too many people "forget" to do that. :D

    I also try to avoid changing lanes on the freeway when a car is parallel with me in the lane next to the one I want to get into. I usually just speed up until I'm ahead of them and then change lanes comfortably knowing that I'm not gonna get sideswiped by some idiot whose arm is too broken to flick the signal switch! :)

    And don't ever let a girl drive your car. That's just askin' for trouble! Of course, I'm just kidding, girls of the forum. I actually don't discriminate when it comes to who gets to drive my car: nobody but me! :p
  16. I have been raised the same way and am not opposed to paying a little extra for peace of mind. However, in this case, the JBA muffler was $100 cheaper than the Magnaflow. The JBA duals are more expensive--not sure why. But here is what i found researching the two (well, looking at pictures!)

    The Magnaflow duals (per their website) are the same as the JBA duals that use a reverse Y pipe. You can see it here:

    The JBA True Duals look like they use an H pipe. Most of the guys who went dual used an X-pipe. The price on the JBA True Dual keeps dropping (on the V6 Mustang Stuff site), as when it first came out it was almost $700, and now it is $570. As far as the benefits of an X-pipe over an H-pipe--you will have to pick a wiser brain than mine!

    Definitely dont want a "farting" sound, but also don't want to pretend I am V8 or wake the neighborhood in the mornings when I leave. I really think that JBA will achieve that. However, a lot of the V6 tech forum members have gone dual, and most fabbed their own or went with GT take-offs. If you have the time, check out the posts or look for a V6 dual member and PM them. I am not going dual until next spring, but I will let you know then how I like them!!!

    As far as headers go, definitely want the ceramic coating for heat protection!!! I want the silver so that they glisten!!! At heart, I am shallow, vain, and petty...:p

    Rear end mods: I am putting a Detroit TrueTrac in next and getting a girdle for the 7.5. I was going to change my R&P to a 3.73, but decided against it. The 3.31 is good enough for me (no drag racing in my immediate future!) and I want to keep my awesome fuel mileage (on the highway, that is!).

  17. Dude, your ride turned out absolutely beautiful!!!! I'm impressed!!! Actually I will be converting my Magnaflow Y Pipe dual system to an X Pipe in the next month. For diffs, I'm still leaning towards Ford Racing TLOK, however, I may wait till you do yours..and see how it goes.

    Again, nice job!!! :nice:
  18. Hey, is that an old F4 phantom in the background of one of your pics?
  19. Rygen,

    Yes, it is an old "Flying Brick" F4 Phantom that is being restored. The original picture was sharp, with the whole thing plane and the Mustang lined up ALMOST artistically. I had to trim the picture down to get past the size limitations.

    I already ordered the TrueTrac because I am a big kid who gets excited and rushes out and does things!!! I wanted to beef up the rear so that I can actually start enjoying the added power my mods will get me. I got it from The advantages of the TrueTrac are: " wearable parts (clutches, plates etc...) also posi traction even while cornering. Traction is delivered in the corner at a variable rate, roughly 30% inside wheel, 70% outside wheel. No other posi performs this way, they all unlock only delivering traction to the outside wheel. Which makes it perfect for street & road course use!" Or so Rich at DTS says, and he would be an unbiased stranger, right? :rolleyes: No, I read up on them some and was willing to spend a little more to get something that should be useful for my purposes. Decided to stay with the 3.31 after reading MSP's post (thank you, BTW, for providing that link).

    Holding off on the headers and exhaust though. VERY uncharacteristic of me...

    Are you still on for the NVMC meet in November? Can't wait to hear what your ride sounds like! As soon as I hear it I will probably get "pipe" envy and have to run out and dual on mine. If I felt confident enough about cutting the bumper, they would probably be on already! Just so you know that if that happens, it is all YOUR fault. Like Homer Simpson says, "This is everybody's fault but mine!" :nonono:

    I can e-mail you the F4 pic and the price of the TrueTrac if you are interested. They don't advertise the price because they say it is "lower than allowed Minimun Advertised Pricing." :shrug:

  20. I'll be there, and just PM'd you. Yep, I will happy to be the reason you went to duals!!! Though your pic's sealed the deal for me to go to red racing stripes. Modding is a sickness...LOL. :rlaugh: