Pics at Last!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Excepcion13, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Also food for thought, I hear adding a H pipe will make the exhaust louder vs. the xpipe which flows better. That is why I am sticking with a x pipe later, I don't want to set off every car alarm in my neighborhood.
  2. Most Excellent!!!

    Extremely nice!! Couldn't ask for more!

    More pics? Interior?
  3. Excepcion13,

    Do you have any sort of lowering springs on your car? Your car seems to have a lot less space between the tire and wheel well than mine does (and a lot of other people's as well). Most V6 mustangs have a huge gap above the tires (especially the rear), but yours doesn't.

    Just curious. Nice ride BTW...
  4. I think it is cause of his 17in bullets. I had the 16inch alloy wheels with spinner, and noticed a big difference when I went to my 17in bullets.
  5. Rygen, post pics when you get your stripes on. I'm interested in seeing how red sriped look on a black car :).
  6. Will do! This is where I got the idea for red stripes:

    Originally I was going to use satin stripes, but the wife loves the dark red stripes!!! And it would make my stang one of a kind here in DC. :nice:
  7. I like the redfire stripes on a black car. I may do that...
  8. Very nice pics! Those black stripes work with your car's color. The louvers rock too and really adds to that retro look! All of the dollars I can srounge seem to go to performance oriented mods though (I think it is an addiction). One day I will put some green into the looks on my car :rlaugh:
  9. Thanks, man! I hear ya about the performance.... I am about to drop some cheese on the performance side of the equation. I have already bought my Detroit TrueTrac, girdle, and CAI. When I put them all on, I am taking her in for an SCT XCAL2 and tune. Next year are the headers and the duals. Then she'll be more than just a pretty face...:nice:

    @ Rygen: those red stripes will look really nice, man! That's the look I want for my Cobra--when I get 2008! (That's when this one's paid off!!! A souped up V6 DD and a supercharged Cobra for the weekends... Does life get any better?):D