Pics from Carol Stream cruise night (thursdays)

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by cap42, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. New 40th Annv. Cobra


    Look what I stole from old man Rivers! :D
  2. [​IMG]
    Now that is just too funny :lol:
  3. Hey guys!!! I am not going to make it tonight. But I am shooting for next week. I am planning on going to the victor ford show on Sunday though. Anyone else planning on making this??? It should be a huge turn out from what I hear. Later!!!
  4. I am planning on heading up there as well!
  5. of course i snapped my clutch cable yesterday and the new one wont be here til tomorrow. i hate putting this off cause i wanna see some cars but looks like i gotta wait another week :(
  6. I'll be there Sunday! I love that show!
  7. Good time last night guys! :nice:

    On a side note...I put stickers on my car that say "650 HP" My car feels much faster now! :rlaugh:

  8. It was a good time!

    That totally blows my mind! That is something that you would see at Sycamore Speedway! :notnice:
  9. Another great night. Good to see such a turnout. I'm glad I didn't get arrested on the way home too.

    Sorry to everyone who didn't know my HP rating because I forgot to put on the sticker. :D

    Heres the pics, enjoy! ( Thats my roomates guest GTO in there in case anyone is wondering ) :)

  10. Great pics...thanks for posting those!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Looks like there was a pretty good turn out last night. Wish I could have made it. I will be there next week for sure!!!
  12. Awesome man!!! I will look for ya on Sunday
  13. Those are some nice pics for sure. It was nice meeting everyone thursday night. Next stop- Victor Ford this sunday! If you want to see some bad-ass stangs Do Not miss this show.
  14. well what's the word?? anybody down for tonight at C.S. Looks like rain is heading our way though according to the radar, not sure if it will break up like last night..let me know your thoughts
    i am down weather depending
  15. Yeah just checked weather and there is suppose to be isolated storms heading this way late afternoon through tonight. I am up weather depending as well.
  16. As of now - I am out. I am slammed at work. I will catch everyone next Thursday! :nonono:
  17. no snake then this week huh steve?
    if you are so slammed why you on the boards?? hahaha jk bro
  18. Can't make it tonight...i gotta do something for work at 7pm. See everyone next thursday.
  19. Hey Ryan I saw where you were racing this weekend, I'm going out to spectate. btw Can you race with tint??? For some reason I thought NMRA rule was you have to be able to see in the car, maybe not for o/c. I've heard of tech making you rip it off before, wasn't sure. Anyways good luck! :nice:

    If the weather holds out, I'll be up there tonight! :D