PICS!! kinda

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  1. Pics!!

    don't have real pics yet, b/c AFS is dicking me around & i don't have my new digi-camera yet, but this is what my car will kinda look like when i get my new wheels.

    (my car is tinted and has thick silver rocker stripes that say "MUSTANG")
  2. no responses?
  3. should look good
  4. what problems are you having with afs??
  5. haha, well almost a month ago i won an auction for the rims 17x9 machined machs. they didnt' hesitate to charge my credit car for them, but they had oversold the wheels. they said they'd be in later that week and they STILL have not come in. to make matters worse, i had reluctantly agreed to take the 18x9 machined face machs instead (they see this as an upgrade, i don't) well, the damned things came and they were CHROME (again, an upgrade to them) but they were WAY TOO bling bling for my taste. so all this time has past, and they still don't have the frikkin' ones that i ordered, and i still don't have my wheels, and they honestly "don't know when they are gonna have htem". and when i called today, the chick didn't know what the hell i was talkin' about. if i finally do get them, i'm confident they are gonna be wrong.

    basically i think that they are good to order from, but the SUCK at fixing things when they screw up. too many chefs in the kitchen i think. no one knows what the hell is goin' on.
  6. that sux.... hope u get ur wheels man!!
  7. super duper! :spam:
  8. Nice Dude, Looks "super"