pics of 1.5"+ lowered mustangs with 20s?

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  1. I recently purchased an FR3 handling kit with 1.5" lowering springs. I am concerned that the car might be too low with the M-5300-Kf Springs that came with them.

    With the new 20" wheels and these springs, I will be dropping about 2.5" in the front and close to 2.75" in the rear.

    Id like to see pics of what I am getting myself into.

  2. I have the FRPP with 20's - how do you figure an additional 1 inch drop because of the 20's?

    If you use the proper tire size the 20's will have the same overall diameter as your stock wheels.
  3. Shelby CS66 20" wheels - car is dropped 1.5 front & back

  4. Stock size:


    New tires are 255/35/20 and 285/30/20s.

    The fronts are .75" shorter and the rears are 1" shorter than stock- according to online tire calculators

    I couldnt pass up the deal that I got on the KDW2s for the front size ($85 each brand new). The rear size was the closest I could get to the front size (height wise)
  5. Eibach Prokit (about 1.5" drop) with 255-35-20's up front and 275-35's out back

  6. I have 2 inch drop springs all the way around, 20 inch rims with 255/35 and 275/35's front and rear, no issues with clearance.

  7. Prokit+ body kit = learn how to be creative with angles on inclines as well as declines.


  8. what aize tires are you running Emay? I"m assuming a 255-35 up front and 305-35 out back?
  9. That's a correct assumption.
  10. 295-30-20 rears roll out is less than 1/2 inch from stock. 3d Carbon body kit.
  11. I've always loved those wheels Klaw as you know, but I am starting to warm up to the Anthricite. I was originally looking at Chrome but for the price difference I could almost pay for new tires too (at the 18" size anyways). :p

    Car's looking good man, I miss the strip and the Wed. shows at Home Depot!
  12. What size are you looking for? A guy I know went out of business and had some in chrome and anthracite last fall - low chance he's still got them but might be worth a shot.

    My car has changed alot since you saw it last (not much on the exterior). Current state of the project is summarized at:

    2007 Mustang GT Coupe "BLWNPNY"

    If you're ever in town the Wed night cruises have moved to Deerfoot Mall - we outgrew the Home Depot location. PM me and we can get out for a cruise.
  13. Was thinking of 18 x 8.5's Maybe 18 x 9's if the price was right. I had a great lead on them through the Ford guy on Mustang Source (brain lock right now) but it was just before the move and I couldn't justify the cost but it would have been $285 per wheel for the chrome which is $115 off per wheel.

    I won't get the car back up there I don't think, maybe for an international or something of the sort but if I do get back up to town this summer for work (not looking likely but hey who knows) I'll definitely post and come out.

    And holy crap your car is a monster now! Some insane work you've put into that thing! I really haven't done anything since you last saw me except put my nifty side mounted front license plate kit and a bullit steering wheel. Ah well, wife has been staying home with our son so free mad money isn't flowing or I'd be in there! :)

    I'll have to make a point to check out your ride if I do get into town, so many things I'd love to check out!
  14. Pro Kit with Shelby Razors. Someday I'll figure out how to post full size pics.

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  15. So I just order 20 inch razors standard 255/35/20 for my 06 GT will I have to lower it and how much any help would be appreciated
  16. I've been looking all over for someone with a 2" drop on their S197 and yours looks pretty sickk!
    Any problems with your tires sticking out of the fender well, if any?
  17. Eibach Pro Kit with 20x9.5 and 20x10.5 HRE wheels; 255/35/20 and 285/30/20 Nitto tires.

    JUN_8395.jpg JUN_8396.jpg
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  18. Hey 7upstang! My 2006 Mustang GT is the same color as yours. I ordered 20 x 10s all the way around with the 24mm offset. Are yours 20 x10s also? What size tires are you running on your stang? Any help would be appreciated.