Pics of 18x10.5 Bullitt wheels.....

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  1. Here's a couple of pics from containg 18x10.5 wheels...NICE :hail2:

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  2. Holy Crapola! Where?? How much?? WHERE?!

  3. damn, those look pretty sweet.
  4. I think those are the AFS (I think??? :shrug: )

    When I saw those I was amazed! Those are deep!! :hail2:
  5. I agree those wheels are off the hinges. If I had the money to spare they would definetly be the wheels I would get. :nice:
  6. im pretty sure those are the wheels because as far as i know, they werew the only ones to have a deep lip on them :nice:

    <<(hates the fact that he didnt wait to buy em and wasted his money on something else) :nonono:
  7. Those are the Wheelreplicas 17x10.5 Bullitts here are some more pics.
  8. tires

    ok quick question I know you can fit 315/35/17 under the rear but on 18 x10.5 how wide a tire can you use, 285? or possibly 305? :shrug:
  9. Forgot to ask does anyone know how much the stock bullitts weight?
    And how much the wheelreplicas 17x10.5 deep dish and the 17x9's weight??

  10. DAMN.....I think i just messed my pants..LOL..

    I better start doing major burnouts this weekend so i bald my tires and have an excuse to by new rims/tires..LOL..
  11. So are there any issues with the width of those wheels. Any offset problems or bump steer/wheel kickback issues? The reason I ask is because Ford said there would be problems with deep dish wheels On the Mach 1 for just these reasons..

    Here is the quote taken from MotorTrend...

    "The other retro cue that falls short are the 17x8.0-in. nouveaux "Magnum 500" wheels. They don't even come close to looking as cool as the authentic chromed steel Mag 500s on the original; we blame the lack of rim offset (depth). Unfortunately, the rim depth required for that "deep dish" look would've caused steering kickback problems, according to Ford Engineering."
  12. someone yell at me if i am wrong, but if your buying rims wouldn't you want something a little more differnet then the regular buillits i mean the are very nice but in those pics of them on the car from a distance they look almost the same as OEM
  13. I like the stock Bullitt look but wanted a wider rim and always liked the deeper look better. It's just my opinion but I think they are noticeably
    different and much meaner than stock bullits and wider after market bullitts that don't have the deep lip more "RETRO" thats what I like about them :shrug: :shrug:

    Any one have the answers to the earlier rim weight questions ???
  14. The issue with steering kickback is just that,... steering. His deep dish wheels are in the rear. (no steering)

    I too like the bullets, but I like chrome for my ride. I might just get a set of the deep dish for the rear someday.
  15. Could one of you guys email the pic to [email protected] ?

    I can't see the pics for some reason.

  16. I still have my 17x8 OEM bullitts from my GT. I wonder what the cobra would look like with 17x8 front and 17x10.5 rear bullitt wheels???? anybody know of any pics of an 03 Cobra with Bullitts?


    EDIT: Never mind, their offset is equal to or less than the AFS wheels which I know will need IRS bolt modification and possibly wheel spacers to get proper clearance. :(
  17. Man I need to get my 18x9/18x10s mounted... I just don't need tires yet... I'll have copious amounts of pics when I do though... :D

    Look sweet! :nice:
  18. those are very sweet but I thought they were 17's if I can remember correctly.

    I think his name is TruBlue or somethin at modular depot.