pics of 4 lug wheels please!

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  1. hey guys i have an 89 lx that was a 4 cyl now its rockin a 308 but its bare with stock wheels i figured that this would be the best place to see some 4 lug wheels im having a hard time finding a 4 lug wheel i like if everyone can post a pic of their car with 4 lugs and what kind of wheels they are would be awesome thanks so much ethan here is what im working with

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  2. Your basic Pony wheels off of a late 5.0; cheap, stylish and basic ... could make for a sleeper look also if that's what you're after.

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  3. Here are my old pics, GT turbines found on most 87+ gt's
    (i dont recomend them, way to hard to clean!)

    Here a pic i snagged, these are 4 lug cobra R wheels. Repo's


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  4. cobra r's look pretty nice but i think im looking for something more drag oriented
  5. Here is my 93 ssp 5.0 coupe it has american racing rebels. 17x9's with 245 front and 275 rears:


    here is my centerline's 15x4 front and 15x8's rear with 26x10 slicks:


    here is my 92 D/D 4 banger coupe with center line's 16x8's all around not shure of the name of them?:


    here's a better shot of the front ones:


    and when i first got it with phone dials:




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  6. old school turbines! :D

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  7. hey smokedya, that white notch looks great with those wheels!
  8. Those American Racing Drag Rebels are sick.
  9. I like the wheels from American Muscle, nice set chrome units
  10. hey guys thanks for all the responses all those wheels looked great but i found something a little more suitable i think..... centerline convo's 15x8.5x4-4.25 in the rear and 15x6x4-4.25 in the front ..... the rear has a 5 inch offset will this clear a stock rear end setup with 275's? and i wasnt absolutely postive about the lug pattern im new to the 4 lug world is 4-4.25 right? thanks again for the responses and the help now i just need someone to answer this^

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