pics of black mustang with saddle or palomino interior...

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  1. i really want to change the interior color of my triple black 67 convertible and was wondering if someone could post pics of their black stang with saddle or palomino interior?

    does anyone know of a source for a tan interior in classic seat covers?
  2. No pictures, but I think it will look pretty cool.

    I know a few suppliers sell the interior pieces or entire kits. With the option of choosing your color.

    Mustang Depot

    Laurel Mountain Mustang
  3. Horse hide

    We thought of doing a horse hide also in a painted pony style problem is getting the hide ,and at a price we could pony up ;)
  4. ...bump...
  5. where you located theres a killer good upholstery guy i know in herriman ut basically slc.