Pics of cowl hoods....

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  1. yeah, it was a 2.5". had i not gotten this hood at a good deal i think i still would've only gone 2.5".

    another shot of the car right before i sold it:

    here's James' (not sure what size of cowl it is):

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  2. cobra hood

    Anybody know where to get a cowl hood with the 96-98 scoops on it? I saw one in a add for Cincinnati Composits but heard their hoods are junk. They sell a 2.5 with the scoops for 299. but a thread on says they are a bad company to business with and reports from different people about hoods flying off. That would suck!!

    Thanks, Robert
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  4. That hood is huge, Chris, not liking it either.
  5. Ewwwww lol big cowls only look right on foxes...

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  6. I have the Cobra R hood from abc....great fit, nice hood. I really like the "louvers" in the middle top

  7. How big is that cowl, Kyle? Looks god man.
  8. never measured it, but its probably around 3". Thanks!
  9. :lol: just what i was about tp say! here is a pic of my 95 it was a cervinis cobra R 3.5" man i wish i had this car still! :(


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  10. Nice car, but that cowl looks like a 2.5", not a 3.5". Not saying you didn't know you're own cowl size, but it looks like they're measured differently.
  11. 3.5" R Hood.

    Prertty sure your the same thread maker as on the SN95 Website so you have probably seen these.






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  12. I like mine the best of all :)

    I'm more of a fan of DOMED and not the cowl look on these cars.. If I had to go cowl, it definately would be 95R though..






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