Pics of Danny's 94Cobra's car

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  1. Just got an email from Danny so i'm gonna post these up i'm sure he'll be in to add more on the car


  2. [​IMG]

    I will honestly say I'm impressed I really wasn't expecting to get pics of a car this sweet. VERY NICE :nice: :nice: :hail2:
  3. thats one hell of a nice car!!

    i would like to know what size tires and rims those are and what backspacing.(the fat and skinnies)
  4. very nice those seats are perfect, how many miles are on that car? must be close to zero
  5. that was my thoughts exactly!! it looks like it just rolled of the showroom floor.

    no wonder he wanted to post pics so bad!!!
  6. Looks mean!
  7. I am not sure on the wheels size or backspacing on the pro stars I believe they are 15X9 with 6 inch backspacing. The car has 59,000 miles It is a 94 with a vortech s-trim 430 hp to the rear.
  8. Danny where are you from?
  9. hey i saw the helmet!!

    what are your times?????
  10. I am from south Texas 2 miles from mexico about 40 miles from south padre island. Qtr times 11.80
  11. wow 59k is surprising i dont have the leather but every set i see has ugly cracks in them that thing is awesome
  12. I don't drive the car much and watch the way I get in and out of it when I do. I keep up the seats with leather conditioner very often.
  13. great, we have another RC, JR, oink on our hands!

    just here to make us look bad!!
  14. Which wheels look better some say prostars I say cobras what do you all think.
  15. I love both!!

    I have the cobra r's but silver and i will be getting some weld prostars real soon. I'm tired of slippen and slidding down the track.(I want 12's)
  16. I like everything about it...both sets of wheels....

    well........except the tails.... :D
  17. Near Brownsville I bet. I lived in Corpus Christi for a year in high school. SPID and Port Aransas are definately the Spring Break hot spots. Glad to leave there though.
  18. like everything.... except the tailights... :(