Pics of everyones car!

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  1. The car has been lowered since these pics.

  2. Ok then. Chrome is out of the question becouse I want 18's. What would look decent. :shrug:
  3. I already there bub. Tokicos on for months now
  4. wow i've never seen a stang that color (maybe it's just the lighting)
  5. If you're referring to the last one, it's Mineral Grey. One of my fav colors .. I love it. :nice:

    Here's mine. THat's before I had the dual exhaust installed .. guess I haven't taken a more recent pic.....

  6. I would like to see the Mach1 Wheels on that bodystyle.
  7. it looks like it's Olive color in that picture... i've seen the mineral grey ones b4...
  8. you'd better beleive I'll post pics as soon as AFS gets the damned things to me.
  9. A picture of in front of the hood, and under the hood.

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  10. And here is one of what is on the hood.
  11. **** the car man. Who's that ON the car?!?! If she's yours, good stuff dood. Hell, even if you paid for her, good stuff. :nice:
  12. She is mine, and she drives the car daily (Not like a grandma ether)! Glad you like the pics. :nice:
  13. Giddy-up. :nice:

    Although next time she happens to be laying on your hood like that, I'd ask her to take the heels off. Gonna scratch it. :D
  14. Oh, and I can’t forget to show a close up of the interior. :flag:
  15. I'd let a girl pose by my car, but not on it. Screw that.
  16. Mine (soon to be someone elses) :nice:

  17. That’s a cool looking ride. Very nice and not overdone. She should like it. :nice:
  18. That looks like an 03 Truck Bash sticker in the window. Am I right or wrong?