Pics of Members/family/pets/etc. (56k warning!!!)

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  1. the first step, RC, is admiting you have a problem.
  2. :rlaugh: :lol:
    I WISH I had thought of that...I also thought of "SLY"...I dont think you remember him, but he was well-known and now gone.

    Maybe it's just some Ricer busting our humps...but if that were so, they would be "degrading" our cars..

    Oh well, Who cares...BACK TO THE THREAD!!!

  3. good point, i have a picture of my girlfriends rabbit humping the's here somewhere, just gotta find it
  4. Since we are posting pics
  5. Since we are posting pics Here is one of me & my wife & little boy!

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  6. SOMEONE DO AN IP ADDRESS CHECK!!! its the only way...
  7. WHere is it??

    1995 LAZER RED Mustang GT - Mr. Noise Pollution!

    MAC, Dynomax, Catless, Eibach, Yokohama, K & N, Diablosport, Concept Audio, FRPP, SVT Wheels

    TRI-BARS FOR SALE....and a few other things, look in my garage

  8. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:

    :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:

    Youre BOTH wrong! :banana:
  9. oh these crazy shannanigans!!!!!!!
  10. you bet your bottom dollar im asian. Trust me, you are FARRRR from being the only asian to "choose the right path". You should see my dad do his hard ass pose next to his 03 Cobra.
  11. Moderator screen shows IP address under the usernames. I know who the purps are.
  12. this is a family pic post, u should add both ur pics, including the hard ass pose :nice:

    that settles it, it's vib

  13. I'm another one of the few, the proud, the Asian domestic drivers. :nice:

    EDIT: Also if anyone wants to know what I look like...its surprisingly like WhiteStallionGT. In a similar quality pic and distance it'd be pretty hard to tell the difference, although, I haven't been in the sun for a long time=I'm a lot lighter right now. ...hey man if you aren't 21 yet and need an id... :jester:
  14. :owned:
  15. yay, I got imitated!
  16. Here is me with my wife of 17 years.
    Here I am with my longtime friend(the big guy)my Mom, and in the foreground is my twin brother, who owns a 04 Mach1.
    My two kids.
    And my dog named Cajun.
  17. I dont talk on here too often, but just in case your wondering what i look like
    im on the left, one of my good buddies on the right

    here is my dog, penelope
  18. Sorry, don't have that kind of time.