Pics of Members/family/pets/etc. (56k warning!!!)

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  1. I have no new pics of myself. Every picture I take is of my car....

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    here's one i found
  2. HA HA shes doing that shocker thing

    Ernan what you asking for your maf & inj? Send me a pm or im on AIM
  3. Is that a big ass bong im that pic????????
  4. haha i believe it is :rlaugh:
  5. lucky canadians. pretty sure it's just a hooka though, correct me if i'm wrong.

  6. LOL!!! BUSTED! Good eye Tom!
  7. I've not been around in a while and not real sure that many people on here know what I look like so here is the only recent pic that I have from my volunteer fire/rescue dept.

  8. Whats bong :shrug:
  9. its used for smoking weed/marijuana/pot... whatever you wanna call it
  10. Sweet another firefighter lol gave me an idea for another pic of me forgot about that one. This was a crash on 8/13/05 with entrapment ended up flying him. it was hot as hell that day after we got the gyuy out we all pretty much sat down and let the asst rescue company( that was just there for the LZ) clean up our stuff

    I'm the one with the sun glasses

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  11. I wondered what that thing was bong never crossed my mind
  12. :nice: Good call. They pretty much use the same thing, but the "bong" looking thing in question is only used to smoke flavored LEGAL tobacco, and to this point it hasn't been used for anything else...although my girlfriend is really hoping that i'll let that slide someday :D

  13. Ohhhh so your g/f like the gonja (sp?) huh? :rlaugh:
  14. i tried to resize it.. I hope i didnt screw it up

    this is me last year with my GF about a year ago.

    from the pic, you might think that's a high school uniform, but actually I'm 22 and was playing ball at the junior college level. (at USMAPS, a prep for West Point.)

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  15. more than water, my friend.....more than water :rolleyes:
  16. Ahh, I take it that you don't like that much? I have been in your shoes buddy.
  17. Well, she's not horrible. It's not a daily thing, or even a weekly thing, it's just when she gets together with her girls, they smoke pot.

    I can't do it (military), so I just stay away from them when they go off

    however, I love the hooka. I've spent hours drinking beers and puffing on flavoured tobacco on many occasions