Pics of my '01 yellow "wyldpny"

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  1. Here are a few pics of my 2001 GT convertible here in Isabela PR

  2. Pics of my rotors/brakes set up
  3. Clean ride & a nice photo spot:nice: Do u live in Puerto Rico?

    Not knockin the car at all, its clean, but why so many decals??
  4. The decals are part of my attempt to keep trying different looks for it.
    I also had the two long GT hood decals on either side of the scoop on it for awhile as well but decided I liked it better without them.
    I am starting to lean towards taking the yellow Mustang letters off of the chin spoiler too.

    Here are a couple engine shots that also show off my hood struts. I couldn't stand that goofy hood prop :notnice:
  5. are those struts a kit? or did you fab the setup yourself?? nice stang btw :nice:
  6. The struts are made specifically for this type Mustang hood/body.
    The pair cost $89. off the web and I think are well worth it.

    Here's a back shot of my stang taken recently at a meeting of the PR chapter of the MCA:
  7. Where did you get'em for that cheap? If you don't mind me asking..
  8. Nice looking car and good attention to detail.

    On the decals if it were me I'd shed the GT on front and keep the yellow Mustang on the spoiler. The GT decal looks too large and outta place.
  9. Here in PR they don't have front plates (as do some states in the U.S as well) and I think the car looks strange without something there on that flat square spot. I don't like the aftermarket front plates you can get, you know, like the ones that have the Mustang logo or with a picture of a Mustang horse, etc so I tried the GT decal there and I actually kind of like it.

    The struts I purchased off of
    Purchase order number: PLUS
    Reference: 99-04 Mustang QL PLUS
  10. lol, Puerto Rico :rlaugh:

    but overall, nice photo spot, ur right on the beach dude. thats awesome.
  11. Well??? Whats Isabella PR mean???? I believe that PR means Puerto rico???

    Here is the quote from the original post....

  12. lol. hahaha
  13. Redline has 3 classes of hood struts. I think the cheapies are $80, the middle of the road $90, and the Elite ones are $115.
  14. Awesome photo spot!

    Ignore the nay-sayers.. tweak the car until you're happy. Goo gone is cheap, vinyls come off :)
  15. Is that a v6 ? Hehe, no1 should mistake this GT for a v6 =]

    nice car
  16. If any one's been to Puerto Rico you will know that this car is heads above the typical Mustang there.

    Last year I was in San Juan and I saw so many fubared Stangs it wasn't even funny.

    Out of about 20 Stangs I think I saw 1 60's that was nice, 2 foxes that were bad ass, and everything else was a hooptie rust bucket or riced out POS.
  17. Honeycomb must go
  18. Be careful judging everyone here based on what you saw bopping around in the big city. There are actually a very large number of very well maintained Stangs here as well as a lot of highly modified ones as well that will make your jaw drop.
    I went to one "informal" Mustang get together down here over the winter (LOL) and we had a small gathering of Stangs.... small as in "only" 91 beautiful Mustangs showed up. And they said that was a small get together :D
  19. Why? :shrug:
  20. Here are two semi recent pics of my interior featuring my custom made front and rear seats:


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