Pics of my '01 yellow "wyldpny"

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  1. The temp and oil gauges in the side pillar give a much more accurate and numbered reading to what the ones in the dash display. The vacuum gauge helps keep my interior clean :D
  2. There is no ductwork on the hood scoop as the main goal was merely to make that scoop functional. However as they removed the hood and even side scoops and cut open the scoops correctly they pointed out that things like water and debris have a better chance now to get into places of your car they normally would not.
    So for the hood scoop I went shopping for an air filter to mount under the hood so anything like water and small airborn particles would not have a direct route into my engine compartment. Most air filters have either white or yellow filament. As it happened the size of the one I needed of course ended up being a white filament and so before we installed it I dyed it yellow. So now I have a functional hood scoop complete with a filter under the hood to help in most everyday conditions to keep water and small debris out of the engine area. My car is not a daily driver and unless I get caught in a rain storm going to or coming from a car show or something I usually do not drive my car in rainy weather. However, I do live near the rain forests so you never know...
    The side scoops did require some special vented duct work due to the fact that driving in rain or on wet roads your tires will spray water back into any hole you have inside the fender well. So now my functional side scoops have vents that route the air in and on the rear brake area but do not allow water or other debris to be sprayed back into the scoop.
  3. The stock temp guage is actually very inaccurate.
  4. Functional hood scoops mean that the incoming air is used for combustion. i.e. Mach 1, new Camaro SS/Ram Air Firebird, Air Grabber Roadrunner, etc. I can still see the factory intake plenum which means you are getting incoming air from the fender.
  5. ok, i must be smoking crack, do you literly mean, one of his ponies, of thousands, is facing the wrong way, cause, i cannot find it lol.....
  6. :lol: :rlaugh: :cheers:
    Actually I was just giving him chit but he takes it so well I cant help but like the guy. I dont agree with all his mods but hes good people.

    Anyway if you look at his bumper one pony is running to the right while the one in the window is running to the left. The right way is to the left so the bumper one was prolly ment for the inside of a window :shrug:
  7. Well, the other 11 horses are going different directions. I guess some of them are on their 2nd lap around the car, thats why some are going the wrong way.:shrug:
  8. lol, alright, i found the pony running the other way. :) hahha
  9. :lol::lol: i cant believe this is still going on!!!!

    so are you bringing this car to MW this year. the car show still has some open spots from what i hear
  10. Yeah - I'm with ya SVT. As long as you enjoy your car, and you're passionate about the hobby then you're OK in my book. Does anyone know if it's possible to set up the stock hood scoop to be functional? It's so damn hot here in Florida this time of year, even letting in the 100 degree air from outside will at least keep my engine cooler than it would be. I'm not looking for performance gains. My car is my daily driver, any way I could set it up so that the water won't make its way into the engine bay ( or at least route it towards a drainage area). I just hate having a non-functional scoop on my car. Especially those side scoops.
  11. i wanna see pics of the functional side scoops!
  12. Your not helping yourself by putting APC gauges in your car. Why do you even have them. I know its not for tuning cause you couldnt even install them yourself. They are useless rice gauges just there for looks.

    This is how gauges that are installed for a reason look.
  13. check out the ricer painted interior!!!!:rlaugh::rlaugh:

  14. haha nice one
  15. Beat me to it:D
  16. LOL man I was wondering why this thread was so long!? LOL oh well, seems like there is a lot of money flying into the trash quickly, granted that is just my opinoion, dont anybody start crying about it. There is definitely a wild pony under all that..... heres mine in case anybody wants to say "well where is urs?".....
    View attachment 313591
  17. nice, looks clean - I need to get some REAL pics up, all mine were taken on my crappy camera phone
  18. are you still In PR , I was born in Mayaguez :)
  19. I love that color and never see it on a GT.
    Ill prolly get flack for this but that color with the wheels on it, I bet would look killer with Cobra rocker pannels and no side scoops at all. It would look a little unique and be a sweet looking setup.
  20. Hey not fair. I burned the stock one with a bad wire and my buddy gave me that as a temp replacement. I have new ones now, well new to me since I am changing to an 01 center in my 04.
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