Pics of my '01 yellow "wyldpny"

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by wyldpny, May 18, 2008.

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  2. nice car
  3. Yeah I know one of them is an APC gauge but I actually already had that one from winning it at a car show early last year (a Mustang show no less) and just didn't see the point of spending extra money I didn't need to right then just to get one that didn't have the APC logo on it.
    I will swap it out at some point so it matches the others better but for the time being that is way down on my list right now.
    And I don't understand what the heck difference it makes whether I install them or have someone else do it? The entire install only cost me $40 bucks :D
    And they did as clean a job or better as I would have and if any part of the install part of any of the three gauges goes wrong they fix it for free :nice:
  4. Yup, still here :)

    That is very cool that you were born here. Mayaguez is only about 30 minutes or so south west of me. My wife and I go there quite often. The mall there for example has among many other stores a Borders (to get the latest Mustang mags of course) as well as to go accross the street from the mall to treat ourselves to some delicious Popeyes fries :D

    I see you are currently located in NJ. Do you ever come back to PR and visit friends/family or anything?
    If you ever do let me know and maybe we can meet up at some point :nice:
  5. Soo, who wants to see how my doors look with my new hinges? :D

    Edit: Doh! Just realized you can already see them in my avatar LOL
  6. :D

    If you are referring to the small one on the center of the rear bumper, I just stuck that on from when I removed them off of my hood scoop. That one came off perfect and I kinda just slapped it on the bumper. It must be the one from the right side of the scoop. Either that or he just got exhausted from running around the car with all of the others and ended up facing the wrong way LOL
  7. Yeah, thats it...the reason I have an APC gauge is because I burned the other one with a bad wire :p
  8. :lol:
  9. no pics of the lambo doors??......:ban:
  10. Lambo doors? Why? Are you sure you don't drive a Civic?
  11. Sorry but I don't have Lambo doors.
    Geeze, I wonder what the cost would be to even try and have a set of Lambo doors modified to fit on a Mustang? :eek: :rlaugh:
  12. :bs: lets see some pics.....
  13. stock temp gauge blows noob
  14. wow this is out of hand...grow up guys
  15. OK, do you wanna see pics of just the doors in their vertical position and/or do you also want to see pics of the install process as well? :shrug:
  16. every thing!!!, some people make a big deal on what you do to your car, but its your car, have fun with it :nice: now lets see some pics :)
  17. Everything? Alrighty then :D
  18. Obviously you have no clue what the derogatory term rice means then :doh:
  19. Ain't that the truth

    Oh I am having a lot of fun with it :cool:

    Comin' right up
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