Pics of my 331 Trickflow build....

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. :D Now I'm getting excited!











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  2. i'm getting excited just lookin at the pics.

    what pan do you plan to use?

    how about the engine bay?
  3. holy crap is that nice! i hope you can keep it that clean when its in the bay
  4. Very nice looking engine. Makes me wish I woulda painted my block. Just a question, why are you running the intake spacer? If you're going to stick with the 94-95 TB setup, that makes sense, but you can just about as easily do the Fox setup and not have to worry about the spacer...right?
  5. freakin beautiful, man!
  6. :nice:
  7. You guys have some real clean, nice looking motors. I have to play around with my toy long enough to get to that stage. Nice work!
  8. WOW..thats an impressive site.
  9. i just dont like you :nonono:

    -very nice, very clean. im digging the black-
  10. Nice....
    Makes me itchy to get my block back from the machine shop & installing my AFR heads...
    Good luck!
  11. That nice! Reminds me to back when my 347 was on the stand and looking really clean. Now its dirty :(
  12. I plan to use the pan on it? :D It's a stock pan. My builder had to order a different girdle to clear. I'll find out what it is when I pick it up.

    Oh, and thanks everyone... it should go well with my Red/Black theme for the car.

    As far as the engine bay... battery relocation, ceramic coated headers, and just clean it up a bit. I'm out of time AND money to do anything else this year. Maybe this fall I'll work on the rest of the engine bay. :shrug:
  13. You answered your own question. I don't see the reason to remove the bend, and then add it back in to get to the front corner of the engine bay. :p

    Eventually I'll change the T/B to something bigger. For now, I'm more worried about suspension, and hood clearance with my 96 cobra hood....that and getting it done in time for my club events coming up.:D
  14. That motor is to nice! I'll have to take that from you.
  15. :nice:

    You still going to be using the 125 shot?

    Also, is your aode stock? Mine lasted about 300 miles after the turbo before it started slipping. Going with a 4r70w maybe this spring
  16. AODE is not stock, and is being freshened up again, just for the heck of it. I now have a buddy with a tranny shop. LOL

    It has everything but a hardened input shaft, which I have been told isn't the weak link anyway.

    Hopefully my piston choice will show that the 125 shot will be used. :D



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  17. That motor looks great. I too hope it can be kept that clean while in the car. What probe pistons did you use?
  18. :shrug: The ones Probe recommended. I didn't order those.... :p
  19. 331_swap01.jpg












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