Pics of my 331 Trickflow build....

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. looks good:nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  2. Purdy engine. I want to pet it.
  3. Thanks guys!

    Waiting on the adapters from TrickFlow that didn't come with the heads like they were suppose to. Then I can put this sucker back together.

    Transmission will be done this week. Andre should have my converter Wed., hopefully turn around time will be quick. Still need to put my wideband in.... and then I'll be good to go and ready to start gathering data for another chip burn.

    I only have 5 w/e's until our club track rental day.... and I have my daughter half of those. Man is time going to be an issue.
  4. wheres the oil fill on those valve covers. or where are you going to put it rather?

    looks awesome otherwise. :nice:
  5. Waiting until I have a few more pieces on the engine. It'll probably end up being close to the stock location. I was hoping to move it to the driver side, but that's not happening very easily. The new intake is WIDE. :D
  6. I took these this morning on the way out of the garage. Sorry the lighting was so jacked up.


    Here you can see how high above the fenders the intake is.


    I'm still mocking up the cold air I pieced together.



    I HAD to have an 8mm 12 point socket for two of the intake bolts. You can't get this at Oreillys. They only sell 9mm and larger. :fuss:

    Thanks to Diff-man (buddy with a transmission shop) - I was able to borrow a socket and proceed with the project. I had to modify the upper intake, file away at the housing, so I could put a wrench on the back 12 point nut. :nonono:

    Then I had to cut a 1/4" off the lower front stud for the SN95 elbow. Now the tricky part is getting the air filter in from the underside, and cutting the couplers to the right length to space it all out properly.

    My stall won't be here until Monday. So this w/e the plan is to finish up a few ground wires. Install the wideband, put the chip in the car. Hook up the battery and test everything I can. Put the radiator and fan back in... IF I have time I'll hook the nitrous kit back up.
  7. Damn thats a nice build!!!!! I like it alot!!
  8. It has taken entirely too long to do, but it's my first go at this. I'm not a mechanic, and I have limited tools. But thanks to :SNSign: I'm getting closer!

    My club's track rental is May 12th. I really wanted it tuned in by then, but family emergency issues, and a chitty winter kinda screwed that idea up. Now if I can just DRIVE it to the track that day, I'll be thrilled.
  9. What size spacer do you have to clear the valve covers? and did you really need it??? why is your intake so high up?? is it a track heat??? does it clear your cobra hood?? Did the engine mounts lift the engine??
  10. 3/8" spacer. Yes, UNLESS you grind the EGR bottom bolt hole off the elbow. It is the track heat. I'll know tonight if the Cobra hood will clear, but I doubt it. I'm actually not sure if it was the mounts that lifted the engine up. I do know is leaning forward a bit, as I don't have a transmission on the back of it. ;-)

    The intake/fender picture is why I'm looking at this:

    I KNOW it will clear... just not sure what brand it is, and I'm concerned about fitment around the headlights.
  11. Been following since day 1, pretty excited for you! Get 'er done!

  12. Nice to see someone follows my ramblings. :D
  13. great looking install.

    are the brackets painted or powder coated?

    - Matt
  14. Just painted and cleared. If the paint starts coming off, then I'll have them powder coated.
  15. what girdle are you runing??? was it direct fit for the stock pan??? where did you get it???
  16. I'll have to double check. He had to change it once as the first one didn't fit in the stock pan. The second one did.
  17. thanks if you can do that for me as im using the stock pan also.
  18. I sent him an email. Might be Monday before I'm back on here to post.
  19. are you also doing a windage tray?
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