Pics of my 331 Trickflow build....

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. you might want to stay on the road. Sounds great wish my car could do that, maybe later.

    glad you got the problems fixed.
  2. Stay on the road... now there's a plan. :rlaugh:
  3. god damn mother ****er I can never watch your vids. Tells me i need quicktime
  4. how difficult would it be to route your air intake into the fender?
  5. I ordered a 45* elbow, but needed a 90*. Until I can scrape up more funds, this will have to do.
  6. So install it... :rolleyes: It's FREE!
  7. Hum magnaflows with what mid-pipe?? shorty headers?? cats?? your car is bad ass, i cant wait to put in my car never sounded like that with magnaflows...but then again it didn't have a 331 behind it, just wondering if i should stick with my bassani's now... any trades out there for some stainless magnaflows???
  8. Looking good dude! Props to ya!
  9. Thanks... tails are now gone. It sounds a little meatier now, but not a big change. I had to baby it back to work though. Pouring down at the moment. Bald tires, big engine, and rain don't mix well. :rlaugh:
  10. thats a sick beast you got there now.

    that was one nice power brake at the end of the last video.
  11. i came over from corral to discuss this cometic problem with u...
    built my motor, checked my heads, zero decked my block, prepd cleaned
    installed dry with arp bolts....
    ran it and now it leaks like crazy out of the back of the head and the front of the other side head... called cometic about it and they were lost for words..
    i know how ya feel it'll piss a man off
  12. :notnice: That's not good. Have you pulled the heads back off the engine yet? Mine was leaking in the middle. Not sure what that stuff is they space the metal gaskets with, but it failed miserably on both of mine. :bang: My engine builder said Cometic knew EXACTLY what he was talking about when he called in. He told me, they even said they were working on a fix for the problem, telling us it's fairly common. Sounds like the person you talked either didn't know anything, or I was lied to. :roll:

    So far the replacements are holding, but my builder coated the hell out of them. Feel free to point Cometic to this thread. I'll talk to them to back you up. Hell, even have a video of the leak. Watch the end of this:

    Good Luck and keep us all updated. Who knows if mine will start leaking again. :mad:
  13. yea they said it was a problem they expereanced alot.... they told me to use that copper spray "next" time.. and i was kinda pissed because they shoulda sealed the "first" time...
    i think im just gonna go with a graphite headgasket this time around caues i dont want to rely on copper spray when 15lbs of boost hits
  14. How thick of a gasket do you have to use? We had a hard time finding another brand thick enough.
  15. off the top of my head i think its just a .040 gasket.. but it could be thicker
    i dont have to worry about compression a whole lot with my slightly under 9 to 1 compression...
    id like to talk to ur builder to see exactly what he did to the gaskets... i might try to reuse them
  16. also, there's no way mines leakin as bad as urs were... just about a softball spot of oil on the garage after driveing.. but u can def. see it driping
  17. <---- my builder, Doug is a pretty good guy. Just really, busy. I'm sure he will be happy to talk to you about it. They have a Fox in the shop right now stroked with a Turbo. Has the exact same gaskets as mine. So they are a little worried. So far it's holding.
  18. talked to doug about it and he gave me step by step on how to prep the headgaskets and re-install them and he's talked me into giving the cometics another try...

    he's one hell of a nice guy
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