Roush Pics of my 89

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 03-s281, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. I havent been on the boards in awhile so I figured I would post a few pics of my 89. I sold the 03 awhile back and ended up in this. 80k miles and a decent amount of mods.
    I am also looking for 1 16x8 5 spoke ARE wheel. I have 3 but one was damaged. Man, its almost imposible to find these!
  2. Looks nice! And will look better with the correct wheel!
  3. Too bad about the rims, about a year back i sold a set of 5.
    Consider using saleen 18 inch rims instead of the R's.
    I know they can fit, first hand.

    Nice clean car btw.
  4. .....those R wheels wouldn't look as bad if you had the non-riveted version. I had a set of 4 lug R replica's on my 85 Saleen in white and they looked really good. I even got the Saleen center cap to fit. Car looks clean, Nice!! :nice:
  5. Nice looking Fox:nice:
    Just in case you don't know, your windshield banner is the 87-88 style,
    The 89-93's only say Saleen on them!
    Good luck finding a wheel!!!

    See Ya Bill
  6. Not on this car Bill...It has been confirmed by Liz Saleen during the transition into the 1989 production some early cars came with the 3 stripe lower graphic and the "Saleen Mustang" windshield graphic. This is car #86, and according to the Saleen build sheet came with the '88 graphics but 5 star '89 wheels.

    Also that "Saleen Mustang" windshield graphic was used from 1984-early 1989.

    Lee, do you need a front or rear wheel? All my extras are basket but I will ask around.
  7. Correct. Thanks for the saving me me some typing.
    I need a rear wheel. Thanks alot man!
  8. Yea,

    It's whatever Saleen had layin around at the time is what got installed on the car.

    My 89 #28 came with the S A L E E N banner and the 89-up graphics shipped in the trunk/hatch.:D
  9. Your Saleen looks nice - Good luck on the wheel.
  10. Keep watching ebay, there's always some turning up there.
  11. How do you like the Trick Flow top end kit? Did you install it yourself, and if so, how was the difficulty factor? Also, did you notice any power loss, down low in the torque curve? I have heard that the Trick Flow kits are great for top end power gains, not so much, down at the bottom end. Car looks fantastic, BTW, cool thing about the earlier graphics being used into early 89, doesn't surprise me one bit. Saleen probably ran out of the new graphics, for a couple of days, and went with the older style, so as not to slow production! Cool...
  12. I did not lose any low end torque at all. Here is a video of it on the dyno. This is superflo numbers and they read lower than a dynojet. On a dynojet my car makes 360rwhp-400rwtq dyno vids/LeeSwiftdyno1.wmv
  13. saleen rims

    HI If you are looking for the ARE 229 rims that came on the late 1988-1990 Saleen mustangs I have ten sets of those rims.
    email me if you are interested at

    [email protected]
  14. Looks like 4 wheels, the fronts have tires and the rears do not.
  15. There are 4 wheels, 17x8 fronts and 17x9 rears. The offset is incorrect and would require spacers just as the add states.
  16. Coast High Performance 347ci short block with 10.5 compression
  17. I figured it had to be something.
    Have those heads CNC'ed and you could be looking at another 40rwhp.