Roush Pics of my 89

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 03-s281, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. They are. They have been ported by TEA and flow quite well. But I am running a small cam, small exhaust with cats, and I could be having fuel pump issues. Fuel pressure drops throughout the run.
    Next up is a .600+ lift cam, 1 3/4 headers, and 3in exhaust. Maybe do some changes with the suspension. Right now its setup for more road coarse. Tociko 5-ways front and rear, solid control arms, Kenny Brown full matrix system (double cross subframes, jacking rails, seat braces). Car cuts horrible 60ft's and spins mad in second gear. Car should run 11's right now but traction on the Nitto DR's is weaksauce.
  2. Leave the suspension road race style, i tried both ways, a good 60ft suspension sucks for fun on the street.
    Just ditch the nittos and use bfg's.
    A high mph is a good trade off for the worse ET, besides anyone that knows anything looks at the mph first when talking street cars.
    3 inch exhaust is probably overkill, and cost more than it's worth.
    Better cam/intake and exhaust should make that a 120mph+ setup.
  3. here is a sound clip at idle. It has Mac 1 5/8 LT's, o/r -h, and flowmaster catback, TF stage 2 cam. I put the o/r pipe on today and it sounds better IMO.
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  4. Doesn't the car also have a KB panhard bar? I'm pretty sure you can change the position on the mounting brackets to help with straight line traction.
  5. I had a set of them, when bent they are a **** to fix, and that one looks pretty bent. If they heat the rim, it might as well be melted into cans.
    You must send it to a specialist, not some cheapskate internet repair place.
  6. Its fine with me, I have 3 perfect ones here and really only need one rear. So the others are just spares.