Pics of my 97 Cobra

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  1. Very nice and love the stance!
  2. looks great
  3. how much is it dropped? and what type of lowering kit and caster plates. and like the pro stars. did you have to remove you quad shocks for those wheels and tires?
  4. idk how much its lowered but its the stock springs cut it was like that when i got the car its to low it rides to rough and drags everywhere but i just got me some h&r supersport springs to put back on it and i havnt ordered caster camber plates yet but i plan on it and the wheels are greg welds and yeah i took the quad shocks off idk if i had to but i did anyway just in case there was any clearence problems
  5. Ya, I had a red 1995 GT with the factory springs cut. was rough ride. I bought some factory springs and put on it cause the camber was so off due to no casters the wheels in front looked like they where gonna fall off the camber was so bad. I had weld's on it.

    not real shure if this link will work but its a video of me and my son messing around with the old stang before we sold it weeks later. if you copy and paste it in your browser it will work. my son also yawns at the end which makes for good sound effects.
  6. the link worked im gonna try to get a video loaded up of the cobra pretty soon i will let you know when i do im putting the springs on this weekend i gotta fix a brake line on it too but after that im just waitin on a pretty day to get a good one if you got any more questions just let me know
  7. Love the wheels, love the stance.....just not sure if I love them together though? Those are more drag oriented wheels, so dropping the suspension isn't really going to improve handling much and a slammed suspension like that isn't going to be much help at the drag strip.

    Beautiful example though. :nice:
  8. Love the stance but I'm glad mine isn't that low with the crappy roads around here.
  9. im raising the car back up and the car isnt a dd just a weekend car 2 many ppl have the 17 and 18inch look just thought id go for a diffrent look to stand out you dont find to many nice 96-98 cobra's with this set up that isnt a full blown race car. it may not be a politically correct set up but i like it:D
  10. Not being P/C is a good thing:D
  11. im glad sombody thinks like me!
  12. P/C is over rated:p
  13. Is that spoiler an s-281 or is it one of those xenon ones? Maybe I'm blind, but I'm thinking thats the xenon spoiler......looks great
  14. very nice looking cobra :nice:
  15. \
    if you dont mind me asking what size wheels and tires are those?
  16. sry its took so long to anwser but yeah its a xenon wing and the wheels are 15x3.5 and 15x10