pics of my car,procharger install(what i have so far)

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  1. Looks good.......get some good gloves when changing the injectors...I busted my knuckles all over the place. You getting a new MAF or sticking with stock?

    Anybody know how long the procharger "booster" fuel pump will last? I'm thinking about a 255lph in tank pump once mine goes bad
  2. Im going with the pro m unv maf...
  3. the one thing that I've seen with Univer. is that they're not calibrating their MAFs right. Mine was ordered as a 42#......had 42# on MAF but flow sheet said 24#. Nothing that a chip can't fix. Heck, for the price of the Univer. just make sure they get it right
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    You ARE A HOMO V-6

    he must drive a VTEC, Man I wish I had one or two VTECS my self
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