Pics of my Car

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  1. Thanks for putting it on, but how do you do it? Appreciate your help :flag:
  2. [*IMG][/IMG*]

    do that minus the stars before and after IMG
  3. An inside pic
    My subs

    Thanks so much for helping me put know how to put the pics on. Maybe some day I can give you some info that will help you :flag:
  4. Nice mustang i like the lights. where did you get yours?
  5. All my lights I got from Advance Auto Parts, they are Optx made by Streetglow,

    Checked out a pic of yours, it looks good too. I edited last post and added the inside pic of my new Corbeau seats. :flag:
  6. Why neons on a mustang man?
  7. I like it, except for the neons :p Just not my cup of tea, I guess :)