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  1. Which 94-98, there were two styles that I know of, the 3 and 5 spoke ones?

    I'd just go with Bullitts, Cobra R's, or FR500's if it were me. Right after I smashed those tail lights though.
  2. You could smuggle a family of four from Mexico across the border in those wheel wells.
  3. I was going to photoshop a family of 4 mexicans into that pick so they would fit in the fenderwell. But, then i realized im lazy. Oh well...
  4. nice. here's mine :)


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  5. Where is the sun in the pictures...It looks all gloomy. :jester:

  6. Im getting bullit rims as soon as i get back from vacation, im also lowering the car when i put the new rims on.....So car wont look like it is smuggling mexicans lights are going back stock soon!!!!!! Thanks for the suggestions and the comments!!!!!
  7. nice lookin' stang, it looks a little different than the yellow you would get from the factory, which is pretty cool to me. Only thing is, whoever did the body work on those fenderwells, didnt smooth'em out or cover up the wells very well, but it is difficult to perfect an injured stang.
  8. Since where lookin at stangs, i'll put mine in too. The yellow stang is sharp. :nice:

  9. Will someone please post a pic of a stang without so much wheel gap? Gimme a pic of StangV6's old mustang. That was one nice looking car.
  10. you attention whore :rlaugh: you made your name like that just for attention. :D

    I forget what is your name on 3.8?
  11. how's this? Just got my roush side skirts and rear valences on yesterday :D

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  12. Nice looking car!!!!!!
  13. No gap ( I did rake it a little though), and some different rims I've seen no one else have...


    Again, my negative Trader Rating is insufficient! Please help me obtain my -100 goal! Leave some feedback (and something funny)!!!

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  14. Thanks a lot! You guys would be surprised how much hell i get from all the GT owners in town about my "Pony Package" :p. Feels good to have someone compliment it.
  15. Who are you referring too??? :shrug:
  16. 03 6-speed yea your car is definately something to be complimented it very nice looking!!!!!!!!

    Marvinmycat- your one funny guy!!!!! lol...Car looks good!!!!!Like the rims!!
  17. :nice: Nice, time for some rims and brakes.

    [​IMG] :nice:
  18. Next step, Exhaust for that nice gaping hole in the side skirts. After that, Rims, tires, and then brakes ;)
  19. is it just me or are those side skirts teh wrong color :scratch:

    other wise your car is teh uber-cool
  20. Side skirts are the same color as the rest of the car...Has to be the way the light is hitting it or something!!!