Pics of my car

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  1. the color is matched absolutely beautifully, I couldn't have asked the guy to do a better job. Here's some more pics The paint should match anyway, because the guy bought the color code that it was made for. Heck it looks even better than the factory paint job, since its wet sanded smoother than Ford made it. I really couldn't have asked for a better job from this guy. And it only cost me 300 to boot.
  2. yeah he did a great job on it!!!! Looks great, im hoping to get that same kit for my car!!!
  3. get ready to pay an arm and a leg just for the parts, I believe I paid 480 for the sides and rears, and that was on ebay.
  4. ooh the red mustang's too sexy ;P
  5. I've got some not so recent pics of my car...I have a grille delete and GT side scoops now :) Unfortunatly someone stole my camrea with all the recent pics of it from Carlisle.

    This pic is right after I won a road car is filthy.

    Just a random shot

    In front of my house, day after the track, just after getting windows tinted (if you look closely, you can see my 5.0 in my driveway)

    And a nighttime butt shot ;)

  6. It might be rice...but there is definately no wheel gap... :rlaugh:

    Then again...anyone who has a supercharger and direct port nitrous is not a ricer in my book :banana:

  7. holy hell that car is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!I like the other yellow stang!!!Looks really good...
  8. The three spoke ones, I think they look waaaay better than the 99-04, especially the ones that came in the 99-00.