Pics of my new 03 Cobra :)

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  1. I traded my Sonic Blue 02GT for a Dark Shadow Gray 03 Cobra Saturday.
    Some pics of the new ride and my beloved Sonic Blue GT.

    The last shot of my GT Saturday morning:


    First day I got my GT:


    Comparison with the first day of the Cobra:


    Random Cobra pics:
    (I am now realizing how gay my stance is in that last pic down there :nonono: )


  2. Also, I wanted to note that my driver's side head has the blue spray paint on the intake side. I remember reading that the newer heads that aren't supposed to tick due to inadequate oiling were marked this way.

  3. how AWSOME!!!!! :hail2: :nice: :banana: :flag:
  4. Welcome to the boards, Child. :nice: :scratch:

  5. Thanx :) first person who even seems to notice :shrug:
  6. Da*n Man !!!
    I soooo HATE YOU right now !!

    :mad: :nonono:

    But in a really good way.............. :p

    Seriously, Congrats............ that's a "words don't do it justice" beautiful vehicle.
  7. Congrats on the new ride!
    The fun has just begun! :cheers:
  8. Nice ride. And do I see a little toy rat terrier there too? :)

  9. mind taking a picture of this?
  10. The dog is supposed to be a chihuahua. He is awfully good natured, though, to be one. What do you think?


    About the blue paint on the head.....I have since found on many svt forums that the paint doesn't have a thing to do with the tick noise from the heads. I can get a link to where this is discussed.
    If you read the whole thread below, you'll probably start to feel the tick has nothing to do with the paint either. Some say that ford does it to tell driver's side heads from passenger on the line. The improvement in the head is supposed to flow water through the head so that the back valve guides don't tick due to inadequate cooling. A defficiency apparently from a poor casting. November 2002 is supposed to be when the fixed the problem. They may have changed the valve guide material too.

    I'll take a picture too...tonight probably.

  11. A guy at work actually asked me if that was my idea of a "dog and pony show". :crazy:
  12. These look like two different cars--a Sonic Blue Deluxe GT and a True Blue Premium GT. I've never seen Sonic Blue look that dark, and I've never seen anyone downgrade their wheels from the Bullitts to the deluxe wheels. Are you sure this is for real? :shrug:
  13. The light blue pic was in the morning sun with my digital camera. The dark one was scanned from a Kodak film camera picture.

    Here is the story on the wheels. I have yet to find one tire shop I trust. All my experiences with tire shops in the past have been horrible. Mounting directional wheels the wrong way, cross threading studs cause they started them with an impact wrench, etc. So, when the time came that I needed new wheels, I didn't have the money for the wheels I wanted, so I bought GT take offs from They were $670 plus shipping versus the $680 price quote I got for putting stock gatorbacks back on the Bullitts. I also didn't like the weight of the bullitts. I wanted lighter weight and I was willing to drive around with the GT rims until I could get some 00 Cobra Rs or 03 Cobra wheels. Plus I didn't need 9"+ tires yet on the GT cause I didn't have a blower.

    When the deal came out on the 03 Cobras (which I originally wanted anyway) I went and made a deal on one. So now I got my 03 Cobra wheels and a little bit more. :D

  14. Cool. Nice snake. :nice:
  15. Congrates bro. I know how you feel. I just did the same thing 4 weeks ago and haven't been able to wipe the grin of my face since.

    Let the mods begin..........
  16. You will not miss your GT
  17. Congrats on the new car!! Awesome color, too. I bought a 2002 GT Vert, had it for 9 months & couldn't resist the new 03' Cobra. Bought the hardtop cause the vert was a little more than I wanted to spend or could afford. In retrospect, I'm glad I got the coupe because these cars are so fast, with the potential to go faster, that if I ever crashed at high speed, I want as much protection as possible. Good luck!! :banana: :nice: :hail2:
  18. Thanks everybody. :nice: