Pics of my new Pro-Stars.

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Bling, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Hope these work.

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  2. couple more

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  3. last one

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  4. Damn that looks awesome.. what size tires front and back? Did you have to modify the caliper at all?
  5. 15x10/ 275-50-15 BFG D/R on rear 15x3.5/ 165-15 Futura on front. I had to grind the hell out of the caliper in order to not use a spacer.
  6. Looks good man!
    I wish I had the ProStars over Draglites. :nice:
  7. white gts's = teh slow

    jk man... :nice:
  8. I'll give you a choice to race either one in town,you guess which one is slower :nice:

    :D :D
  9. Did you happen to take a pic of how much you had to grind?? I've almost ordered those wheels twice but I'm not too crazy about the grinding part.
  10. Sorry I did'nt have a camera here at work to take a pic of that. I can try to explain it to you though. The ENTIRE bar that runs across the front of the caliper needs to be removed. On the face of the caliper at the bottom there are 2 small indentions, the whole front needs to go down until the indentions are no longer there. The face of the caliper will be completely smooth. Kinda hard to explain, I'll just try to snap a few pics later. Thanks for the compliments guys.
  11. I bet the car (red one) in the backround of the second pic will kick your ass. Go ahead and try it.

  12. :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  13. Yeah thats my little neighbor in his Silverado Power Wheel. Little dude does burnouts in that thing and runs over everyones bushes in the yard :D
  14. NICE rims...
    NICE power numbers

    You need to get on here a little more and lend us some expertise.


    Thanks again for the help!
  15. just exactly what size are those wheels, front and back backspacing etc. they sit perfect with the fenders

    looking good

  16. Bling, How are those Futuras holding up in the front? It seems about every 6 months I seperate one of the front tires. I've never tried the Futuras.
  17. Thanks for the welcome RC. Hope you get it fugured out. The wheels are 15x10 w 6.5 bs. The fronts are 15x3.5 (I don't think there's more than one offset). The front tires are 165r15 (VW bug tires) The rears are 275-50-16 BFG D/R's. I'm moving up to the 275-60-15 soon as these wear out. I don't have any problems with these Futura's. Hell, they were only $19.00 a piece, so even if I did it's not a big deal. Thanks for the compliments.