Pics of my POR-15'd trunk

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Platonic Solid, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. Oh.

    Never mind.

    The steering wheel came with the car and I don't know jack about it. Other than the fact that the horn doesn't work. :rolleyes:
  2. where do you get that kewl peel-a-way paper???
  3. It's more than just paper. Here, check out my wheel well write-up.

    Around here (CT) I can get it at a couple of different independent hardware stores and "Tru-Value". Otherwise, click the PeelAway link in my write-up and contact the company for local distrubutors.

    FYI none67, The steering wheel is real cumfy, but I can't see the turn signal lights at all.
  4. Man that was a nice trunk :nice:
    Im gonna do this in my other projects. Were do you buy the Peel Away papers ?
  5. The guy is still here now and then to see how he's doing. There is no reasons to stick around on the board with no Mustang currently owned or planned to purchase (settled down, etc.).

    It was a very frustrating experience for me as a seller as it was for him as a buyer. There were subjective variables such as the way people rate, expectations, etc. I learned that I should NEVER us score rating anymore since people have different expectations. Then I started to realize that MAYBE Ebay let the platform for the vehicle descriptions to be very loose for their own benefit. I imagine that the affiliated businesses of professional inspections can contribute to their profit margin as well.

    I actually took a hit. I bought the car as is, put a set of new wheels and tires and drove it for a while. The fiancee was unhappy about the car and strongly (I mean, STRONGLY) persuaded me to sell the car.

    For the record, he got some money back through a certified check, Fedex overnight after we agreed on the issues.

    I also sold a '66 to Australia on Ebay and the buyer was very happy about the car. However, he took the extra steps and sent a professional to inspect the car before purchased. If I ever sell a car on Ebay again. I will not let the purchase goes through unless the buyer has the car inspected or waived his rights to inspect the car.

    I decided not to say anything on the board because I didn't want to re-flame the issue. However, after almost 3 years, I feel to exercise my rights as the other party to speak up to tell the story from my side.

    If anything, I wish that the buyer had sent someone to inspect the car before jumping to the gun and got the car shipped to him since I could never guess his expectations. At that time, I only required a certain percentage of deposit (I don't remember how much) and there was enough time to get the car inspected.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Good luck with the car.

    This will be my last post on this issue. Three years is a long time to wait to speak up.

    PS: that parking spot was empty with nobody within 2-3 miles away. I imagine it wouldn't hurt any handicapped people's right.
  6. It's time to move on...

    Sounds to me like someone is having trouble sleeping at night... just kidding (sorta).

    Fly2low, in your defense, there's a reason the phrase "caveat emptor" was coined. Platonic himself admitted (a long time ago) that he should have looked at the car before buying.

    I've bought two cars on eBay, tried to buy several others, and tried to sell one (I eventually sold the car through the newspaper classified ads). The cars always look better in the pictures than in "real life." Lots better. That's something I wish more potential buyers were aware of.

    On the other hand -- in my humble opinion -- money shouldn't be an "issue." For most of us, this is a HOBBY. Hobbies are not intended to be money-makers. If you expect to make money in this hobby, you might as well take every dollar you have out of the bank, put it in a pile in your front yard, and burn it. If you don't have the resources (money, time, tools, and talent) for this hobby, then perhaps you are a good candidate for one of those people who buys a "restored" car and just enjoys it. Judging from the pictures I've seen, Svend has more than enough time, tools, and talent to make up for any lack of money there may be (if there is one).

    The bottom line -- in my humble opinion again -- is that you guys struck a deal and you kept your end of it. I don't think you have anything to feel bad about.

    And Svend is obviously doing a great job of improving what was already a really nice car.

    It's time to move on.
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  8. the por 15 is self leveling thats why it looked like there are no brush stokes we used that on my brothers 69 cougar we sprayed the majority of it but we brushed some on to u could hardly tell the difference it came out with alot more gloss than those it must be the camera though!
  9. Good grief man, why would you want to re-visit this nightmare after almost 3 years? As you may recall, we both agreed, at your request, not to get into this on the forum. Now, against your own agreement, it’s time to “exercise your rights”?

    At the time, I naively permitted your Stangnet forum membership to bestow a higher level of credibility to you than deserved.

    Apparently you’ve reconciled your conscience by deceiving yourself into believing that the non-existence of all Ram-Air Components and non-existence of all engine-bay Air-Conditioning Components, can be written off under your “subjective variables and expectations” category. I’ll yield to the court of public opinion and let the readers decide for themselves if these items should have been on the car. Here’s a republished link to your original eBay listing.

    To put it nicely, “your side of the story” is no more than a sugar coated delusion.

    If you really want to clear your conscience, feel free to send me the remaining $1,200 balance from the original refund agreement check that you stopped payment on.
  10. :hail2:
  11. Holy time-warp batman!
  12. not to get to far back on topic, But how did the por-15 hold up when you welded back the missing piece?
  13. Mostly trouble free since all the weld lips were left unfinished. While making the bumper support bracket replacements, I did discover that dried Por15 is quite flammable. Here's the link to that part of the project. (maybe someday I'll find the time to organize my site better)

    I've been very busy with my new garage project, so I haven't done anything to the car lately.