Pics of my ported stock intake

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Phantom959, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Please evaluate

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  2. some more pics

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  3. and more

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  4. evaluate???


    well its a stock intake thats ported

    ported meaning larger than the factorys specifications,
    the reason most people port is the constant search for power, a search that for most people will never end,
    Another reason people port is becuase they cant afford or too ass lazy to buy a better intake,

    I could go on in more detail but I wont,

    What you have in the pictures you provided is a intake that has been ported larger than factory stock and thats my evaluation
  5. Nice work. Let us know what kind of power gains it gave you.
  6. BTW pics 5 and 6 dont look like a stock lower intake to me

    I like the port design, but that casting isnt stock as far as Ive ever seen
  7. looks good let us now how it performs
  8. Yeah, that is a stock lower casting from ALCAN (ALuminum of Canada I'd guess). Port work looks pretty good, but if the "D" shape isn't taken into the upper runners I question it's effectiveness to add significant power.
  9. Oh,

    Never seen that casting before,

    The D shape does look really cool,
  10. I am not to lazy to buy a better intake. I got this one for $30. Tmoss is supposed to tell me how good the p&p is.
  11. The upper has the same exact 'd' shape. So should this thing flow pretty good.

  12. I know im just messin with ya,

    neat work :nice:
  13. In that case, then there is a LOT or work in that intake and it might flow REALLY well. That is not a $100 port job. I'd love to dyno mine and throw that one on the same engine to see the difference.

    Edit: you will have to do a good job of trimming the gasket set to match that intake though.
  14. Where can I find more info on ALCAN intakes? It looks really cool.
    I like one to toy with. See what I can do.
    I already checked google with no luck.
  15. I know. :D I am to poor to afford a new intake. :nice:
  16. ALCAN was one of the casting suppliers to Ford. You'll find their names cast at the driver's rear flange. The one's I see all the time are SAC, SAC1, SAC2, SAC3, SAC4, ALCAN, CAE. The ALCAN is th only one with that checkered pattern on the head flanges. It is not a sand cast, as so is very smooth. It also has less core-shift from the casting process.

    I found one casting that I had never seen before about a month ago. It did not have any of those casting marks. On the front underside was a cast "W" or "M" - couldn't tell which it should be. The intake had wider than normal casting thickness in the exposed runner tops. This would allow larger runners to be ported in that lower with the possibility of not welding the #1 & #5 runners - TOTALLY looking stock intake. I bought it off e-bay and the seller did not know what kind of car it came off. I's like to find out what car(s) they came on.
  17. Ok..
    The 'D' shape was made by the porter? It is not cast like that?
    Is my assumtion right?
  18. That is correct. Oval is the stock shape.
  19. The casting # is

    RF E7ZE-9425-C4B

    is also says H.O. on it.

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  20. I have to sand the upper down, clean it up, then paint it.

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