Pics of my progress.

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    Workin on getting the side skirts to mold. I have the Fiberglass saleen kit, its a little tougher to mold then poly uerethane, but its flexiable enough to take a beating i'm sure. Easy to fix if it ever break too. Will post more pictures as i get it done.
  2. You got the back done yet?? are you painting it yourself??
  3. You GOTTA drop that car some next!
  4. Is that color scheme done on purpose? :shrug:
  5. No, its not a color scheme :rlaugh: , i am painting once i make sure everything is mounted alright. I will do the work myself, its not to hard. just alot of custom made brackets, the fiberglass couldn't use the stock bracket... :bang: . will be posting new pics soon when i get the rest done.
  6. Funny how the second pic is kinda fuzzy/blurry, and makes the pny look like a fatass... just an observation. otherwise the progress is lookin swell =D
    Other than lowering, new rims! although it looks like you recently bought new white-letter wheels for those 15s, given the deep black color, either that or ure cool like me and use some of that meguiars HOT SHINE tire spray stuff. my car just looks better with super dark tires, (as im sure most if not all would) :nice:
  7. it's so funny when you see ricers with like body kits that they intalled by driling about 5 deckscrews into it and 3 of them have started to back out and they're rusty hahahaha
  8. Ya. i know what you mean. I am using all original mounting holes, and thats why i had to make the brackets. If i was not caring at all i could have just made some new holes and bolted it up. This is deffinetly not a ricer body kit if thats what your implying :nonono: . yeah, i use tire shine on my tires :nice: , they are almost 6 months old now :D . I will be getting new rims later on, like I stated in another thread. Nitrous kit first though.:cool:

    Oh yeah, the second pic is an actual pic, not stretched. mustangs are wide :rolleyes:"fat asses" LOL , its blurry cause i didn't give my digital camera enough time to auto focus. i just took a few pics quicklike :D .
  9. how are you gonna paint it yourself...
  10. Yeah, i'm going to paint it myself. I use dupont paint from hedahl's and I have an auto spray gun, and just bought a second air compressor so i don't loose air feed on my gun. I've painted alot before, Just not a whole lot of auto painting, stuff i used is basically the same, just auto paint is so much easier to use :shrug: , I didn't know that until recently. I wondered why auto body shops charge so much. The only reasoning i can think of is the time consuming prep work. Paint is expensive too, but they are a little rediculous. Its going to cost me about 200 bucks in base and clear to paint my body kit.
  11. oh, i want to invest in a gravity feed gun, but dammn they are expensive, anyone know of a good site to order professional paint guns. ??
  12. On a side note, check this site out for their colors. Some are really cool looking, but they have this really FREAKY paint that does some amazing things! Watch the little video on the site and start saving up the $5200 for the paint itself!
  13. Is that bright atlantic blue? :)
  14. something like that. Not sure actually. The car had been repainted before i got it, and its does not match the stock color code. Its not from fading either, it is a different color... :shrug:
  15. That's nice :nice:.
  16. how much did those tires cost, and where do i get them?, my front tires are going bald and my rear tires dont match my fronts, so i think its time to get new all the way around, and i have the same wheels as you and i think those tires make a V6 look as good as it can...
  17. It says INDY ??? Firehawk....go to a bridgestone/firestone dealer, they should have them there.
  18. thats the saem sorta stuff they use on like moodrings i used to have a pin that worked like that you put your fingers on it and it turned all sorts of crazy colors
  19. Yeah, A Firestone dealer would have them. Just ask them what they can get for white letter.. I actually got mine From Tires Plus, they were cheaper then the firestone dealer, LOL :rlaugh: . Whats even funnier is that they drove over to the same firestone dealer that quoted me 400, bought the tires from them, and tires plus> mounted, balanced, and checked my alignment for 320 bucks, and also gave me road hazard warranty. So check around too, firestone dealers have a high markeup.

    White letter makes our rims not looks sooo crapy. I got the idea from what alot of people put on their old muscle cars. :nice:
  20. Question still stands. Does anyone know where to get a good/cheaper gravity feed professional paint gun??? I want one, and priced one out at hedahl's and they were outragous...