Pics of my progress.

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  1. Maybe it's just the pictures, but it looks like a cross between teal (94-95) and bright atlantic blue (98) I have a Teal one myself, and it can be hard to tell in photos because it's so photosensitive.
  2. you dont need one in CT, i know my car doesnt, my bros stang doesnt, and my parents buick rendezvous doesnt, although i belive its a new law, its just not inforced, that you need one now. if anyone didnt know there was a big deal in CT about corruption in the emissions testing facilities etc. now that testing goes on in any ordinary shop... so everyones tags are out of date and stuff... its weird man... :shrug:
  3. My new pics with my rims!!!

    Will be one more post after the weekend. i should have it all done. :nice:
    Wheels fit like a glove, just need some wheel spacers in the back to make it look a little more aggressive. I can't believe how light they are!!


    I have my meshes in the grill in this pic. i didn't have them in on the first picture i took.

  4. yo StAnG iz teh ****nIt, wHere yo gettin awls dis molah DaWg?
  5. "3. Autolite Platinum plugs"
    94 3.8 stang, do you trully consider that a mod? i consider it taking care of ure stang! (i have the same things in mine) always be sure to space the plugs! (however many millimeters ure supposed to)
  6. No. I dont. LOL. i just was typing schit, and i actually copied that list from my web page. I'll edit that. LOL.

    97v6silver, yo, sarcastic typing doesn't accomplish much(if your implying I am "ricing" my stang out) :nonono: . Actually, its all not costing me that much. Since i do all the work myself. I think i've only put about 800 into the saleen body kit w/ paint. I own all my cars, so saving a little money to work on them isn't to hard. I have no kids and only have a few bills a month. :shrug:
  7. What autolites??? :shrug: . Oh, its called Gapping your plugs, :rlaugh: . Space??? :rolleyes:
  8. $.44 ... I got to much money. LOL :rlaugh: Like they said, you'll never live that down. :D
  9. lol, covering it up now?, i was trying to think of the right word, space... gap... pssssh :shrug: :bang: :banana:
    its 1:04... time for sleep... ya
  10. its all good. :nice: me cover something up??? :shrug: :rolleyes:
  11. i'm not implying that your ricing it out i was just bored and decided to type like that sorry i won't do it again
  12. No hard feelins. :nice:
  13. Finally finished!!!!!!


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  14. :nice: But not finished yet. I recommend lowering your car, like I recommend it to anybody else who didn't do it.
  15. ok ok, I rephrase that. Finally finished painting. Yes, lowering and new shock/struts is next. :nice: . Getting the Ford Racing C's as soon as i finish paying for my current work. :D
  17. summit
    do a search on JCwhitney's site. They're are lots of places to get them though. You can go to just about any tire and wheel store and order them. they charge alot more though then just finding them online.
  18. yes lowering it seems like a good idea...spend more, do it!!! give in, you know you want too!!
  19. yes! give into peer pressure! :jester: JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON! (just kidding kids, lowering is a good idea, i myself cant as my exhaust hang a lil too low, and bottoms out on speedbumps NOW!)