Pics of my shop, turbo cars and stinger's Merk

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  1. We had a 70* day today, So amanda broke out the digital camera she got for christmas. If this picture works (and isn't too huge) its at my shop and shows my 88 TC, amanda's 88 Coupe, and stinger's 85 XR4Ti. Not shown is the 88 TC parts car she leaned on to take the pic and the lightning.

    I'll try again on the pic in a little while.
  2. pic not working
  3. yeah mom got a new computer and I haven't found a photo editor that will reduce the pic yet.
  4. email the full pic to me and i'll host it for ya if you want
  5. 351wcoupe arnt you a member on TF?? if you do you can use the album as a host
  6. You're killin' me here Holmes...get it figured out :notnice:
  7. I play with cars mostly. :shrug:

    I'm working on it.
  8. LOL! may I can find a larger version
  9. heres a more managable size for ya if your interested...

  10. An LX with TC wheels...
  11. yeah its better than a GT with TC wheels :D
  12. that's a big shop.
  13. I wish I had a place to work on my car. Living with grandparents sucks, no workspace, not even a garage.. :(
  14. Lookin' good! Got a pic of the inside of the shop? How do you do this stuff, man? You're like my age. :p

  15. its simple really......Just don't sleep. :p
    I rent the place fairly cheap. Its old but really nice for me.
    30x30 with 14 ft rafters. So maybe when the escort is sold I can afford a lift. It has a ton of electrical sockets and lights, water, and a gas heat. Unfortunately before we moved in some jackass stole the big propane tank so the heaters there but theres no gas. So I use a huge tube kerosene heater.

    Its gotten sort of tight inside right now. There's a 56 international truck long bed, miata, spare cab/front clip, 6 IH engines, 3 neon engines, 2 2.3s, my 93 escort, amanda's car, and my tow dolly. There is also a raised concrete platform in one corner thats up 8ft high and is about 8x8. It was too high too really get much up there so we put a couch and long foot rest/table so we have somewhere to eat.

    I'm headed there now so I'll snap a few pics of the mess.
  16. I'll have to snap a few pics of my shop(s) sometime...I like my blacked out headlights :rolleyes:
  17. it's not to bad. i think i took a hell of good pic :nice:
  18. :shrug: I don't undestand????

    Thats the new "clear" headlight. :p