Pics of my super low buck frankencooler

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  1. This is probably the most pathetic and ghetto mod i've ever done to any car...and i'm almost ashamed to even share pics of it, but here it is:


    Total cost:

    Intercooler = free
    pipes and clamps = $1.49
    90* radiator hose coming off the turbo outlet = $7
    metal exhaust pipe adaptor to hook the turbo outlet 90 to the IC = $1.91
    Lowes Hardware Racing plumbing check valve for the BPV = $6


    I would've had it under $10 but the check valve broke my budget :rlaugh:

    All it all it was worth every pulls MUCH better with it on there, even in a not so great location. At the very least it's better than the SVO/TC top mount.
  2. That is awesome.
  3. Well turns out the plastic check valve didn't last started sticking open. Soo, i got the biggest PCV valve i could find at the parts store and even though i think the opening in it is too small, it still seems to work good and it sounds really crazy when it blows off.

    Here's pics:

  4. proof of what can be done with cut radiator hose and a few extra clamps
  5. What, no duct tape? I like your ingenuity, how's it holding up?

  6. Well about a day after i posted this it started running like crap and i couldn't figure out why. I just found the culprit yesterday....that tube coming off the charge pipe that the bypass valve is clamped in blew a huge hole out the bottom that you couldn't see from the top. Strangely enough it didn't cause any vacuum leak idle surge issues, it just lost boost when trying to drive it. I changed that one out with a new one (that's what you get using junkyard and all is well.

    I'm having some issues with my LA3/Big VAM though. It just runs like crap with them in. I don't know if maybe something is wrong with either one of them, but it runs way better with the stock ECU/VAM. I'd say the way it is right now i'll run door to door with a stock 5.0 once it gets's still soft from a dead stop until the turbo spools up. I really really need to get a 3'''s only a 2'' right now.

    OOOH!, and now i've got the bypass valve routed back down into the intake track instead of trying to make it work as a blow off valve. Not only does it run better, but now i can officially call it a $10 intercooler setup since that stupid check valve was $6 :lol: