Pics of new 10th Anniversary wheels

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    Finally got a nice day so I could take pics of the new wheels...


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  2. I would of painted my rear bumper before i did the rims but looks good none the less....

  3. Paint job is coming... I had a bent rim, couldnt drive the car on 3 wheels...

  4. The rims were on sale for $99 a peace and couldnt pass that up...

  5. Wheels look good. The only thing I don't like when i see fox body Stangs with factory 17x9s or 18x9s is that they usually stick out too far in the front, too jeep like. Too bad they didn't have a .5" deeper backspace.


  6. Im not real happy with the front either... I have 98 spindles and with the 98 Gt wheels I was not as bad...Im going to look for a set of 94/95 spindles. Do you have the 94/95 spindles,if you do could you post some pics. Id like to see the difference..

  7. For the price you paid on those rims, I won't complain at all... They look better than my turbines.
  8. the 94/94 spindles will narrow your stance 8mm on each side. if you still have some room to work between the calipers and the wheels you could have some of the wheel grinded off (where the lugs pass through the wheel) to create more back spacing?
  9. Looks good, I really think black center caps would set it off though.
  10. Now all you need is some big ol' brakes to fill up the empty space ;)
  11. where did you find those rims for $99 a piece? if you dont mind me asking
  12. Looks good to me.

    I saw put the car a little lower, and black center cap=PERFECT