Pics of project 400rwhp N/A stock block 331

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  1. Well the goal is 400 or more at the tires.

    Slowly but surely this motor is coming together. Its a royal pain in the ass modding two cars at once but here is whats so far...




    Next will be the Precision "race" standard volume oil pump, ARP oil pump studs, CHP hardened shaft, and Canton 7qt oil pan. I will keep updating this thread as the project goes forward. :flag:

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  2. lookin good!:nice:
  3. I take it it's no longer a 302 . . . Is it a 347? And what compression will you be designing for?
  4. 400 rwhp 302? RPM = Ruins People's Motors

    Hope you got the $$$$$ my friend. Good luck, I'll be following the thread for sure!

  5. 331 stroker @ 11.1
  6. Are you basing this off of your personal experience?
  7. You can do it with the 331. You'd have to spin a 302 to 7k+rpm to get in that HP range which would be crazy expensive. But you're running a 331, not a 302. KillerCanary is on his way to 400rwhp with his 331 AND less compression. He's spinning in the middle to upper 6k range which isn't that crazy. I think the trick will be in your heads. Obviously the whole package needs to be well thought out though. I have my hopes up for this one though.
  8. Whew...I thought you were trying to do that with a which case Black95GTS would be right.

    It is possible.

    I had a 331 with Vic Jr heads, Vic Jr manifold and 750 HP carb with shorty headers and t-5 and it made 407 to the wheels.

    Best of luck...:nice:
  9. I'm spinning this 331 between 7,000rpms and 7,400rpms. Shift point will be 7,200rpms unless my transmission can't keep up in which it will be 7,000rpms. The car will have 4.30 gears in it. The intake will be Trickflow Box EFI intake, 90mm TB, and some 1 3/4" headers with a 3" DR Gas X pipe with 3" Bassani custom mufflers. If it makes less than 400rwhp I'm pulling it back out and putting in the 410W with a 200 shot.
  10. What Heads? And what Cam?

    I shifted mine @ 7200 as well. It stayed together no problem.
  11. Trickflow TW 205cnc with custom lightweight valvetrain. They flow alittle more than your average TW 205cnc's.
  12. As long as you can get the airflow to the heads you should be fine.

    My Vic Jr.s were BOX STOCK and they helped make over 400 whp.

    My new heads...well they flow just a little more...more like 50 MORE CFM @ 600...:D
  13. Yep, it all depends how high you want to go. 331 will get there before 302. To demonstrate, my 414 is hitting the 400rwhp mark at just about 4900 with the latest tune. I like the power down low so I dont want to push it out to 7000 but I imagine if I did it would make a lot more power. High revving motors are always cool though.
  14. who makes the girdle and windage tray?
  15. Getting a high number from small cubic inches is not all that unusual :)

    I mean ... look at Formula 1 :Word:

    Now ... in no way am I dissin Mr. Stopsign32v or his efforts :nono:

    Using SAE RWHP (my only standard) :D
    that would be 1.21 hp to each ci :eek:

    Pretty high ratio when you talk daily driver street car

    Most street/light strip car use combos using the OEM block & ci size
    which can yield close to stock like drivability are gonna fall in
    the .94 to 1.04 range ;)

    From what I see ... that ain't no cruise around town combo
    One that would be considered a mild mannered daily driver :rlaugh:

    Looks like that would be a lot of fun to sneek out on the street
    during the weekends :banana:

  16. the trickflow r intake should be plenty intake for that combo.. You're going to have ZERO low end with the box intake..
  17. This motor and the car it is going in will be a 100% daily driver. Will it drive like a stock car or a H/C/I 302? Nope....
  18. 4.30 gears will make sure I have plenty of power on tap. Also I've never raced anyone at 4,000rpms or less.
  19. Coast
  20. I thought you were doing this with a 302, like the title says, 400rwhp stock block 302

    Regardless its still a lofty goal with a 331. A stock block at high rpms doesn't experience cap walk, it experiences cap RUN.

    Good luck with your build!