Pics of project 400rwhp N/A stock block 331

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  1. Dude, that motor will easily make 400rwhp, probably a lot more. It's got great heads, good compression. That's the key. If you get the right camshaft, you're there. I seriously doubt you will have to spin it that high. I'm guessing you can shift at 6500rpm and get peak performance. I'm making close to 400 at the wheels iwith 192cc heads, 10:1 compression, and an out of the box cam.

  2. With those heads and that rpm, i'd be looking for 440ish at least. 400 will be super easy and you could hit it 1000 rpm's lower.

    Guy on corral makes 466hp with his n/a 347 peaks under 6500 if I remember.
  3. Yea I agree with you guys. I'm expecting more around 420rwhp but I just said 400rwhp to keep the little guys that don't know what they are talking about mouth's shut. :rolleyes:
  4. Yes I know this, that is why there are main studs with a girdle, that will help with the cap walk. The motor will also have rocker arm girdles on it too.
  5. ill take that as coast high performance.
  6. Here are some updated pics...



    Intake gaskets trimmed and intake perfectly port matched to heads. :nice:



    (cowl hood in the background for the intake to clear along with the Spec stage 3 clutch and Spec Al flywheel :) )

    Still have to cut the 2.5" ball collector off the headers so I can run my true 3" exhaust.

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  7. And its pretty looking to boot! Nice build, looks expensive.
  9. With the 4.30 gears I'm sure I will have power on tap all the time. :D
  10. a friend of mine dyned his car with that intake on a 331 and some long runner ones like a track heat and such, and that thing made as good as torque down low as the others.
  11. That is great to hear! I love the fact that this intake only has a 90* bend for the air instead of your traditional 180* bend in the other EFI intakes.
  12. this is going to be an interesting ride. I wondre what it feels like driving one of these machines. The 4.xx gear are pretty neat..kind of like a 32 valve...or turbo with explosive power at top end?
  13. :cool:
    The gears feel like a slam in the ass. So with the stroker along with 4.30 gears the car should FEEL like it has the torque of your car. With that said I am currently building a 410W to replace this motor above.
  14. With the correct camshaft that motor should make 440-450rwhp through a T5. Heck my 347 with AFR 205s/TFS Box intake/N91 camshaft made 425rwhp through a C4 with a 6000rpm converter....based on the trap mph my old motor would have made about 450-460 rwhp with a 5spd.

    Keep up the good work sounds like a fun street car!
  15. I do think the motor is going to make about 450rwhp. I'm going to see if I can shift the car at 6,500rpms. The cam is designed for a 7,000rpms shift point though. However I do not think the block will last very long with 450-460rwhp and 7,000rpms. If it last long enough to let me finish building this 410W I will be happy.
  16. personally I think it is pretty cool the way you are setting it up but why go to all the trouble to build that tho if it is beyond reliable limits or just to blow it up? Do u have unlimited funds?
  17. Well first it started as going to be a 306....then I looked at the price for a crank and rods and found out I could have a 331 or 347 for $400 more than the 306....then i threw the AFR 165 heads up for sale just for kicks and giggles and someone picked them up fast! :eek: so I needed new heads.......then the Performer intake wouldn't work so I put it on Ebay and got this one......obviously I would want a bigger cam so I got another cam.......etc etc LOL

    Trust me, if I knew then that it would have turned into this I would be dropping in a 351W now.
  18. Gotcha. I went thru the same process just took me longer to get there.

    I started with a stock engine w/ 152k.... Then I just wanted a fresh bottom end and didn't know alot about building these cars yet so I added a cam to my new 306. It sounded great! :nice:

    It didnt realize much gains tho so I added an intake...really woke it up (street heat)..:nice:

    The I want the same power as my Z28 but still didn't know much. So I realized you could build these engines out to stock z28 HP with H/C/I...So I did it but didn't realize it would still be missing the looong TQ curve of a bigger engine.. :eek:

    So I added gears..helped . .... But I wanted to surpass my old Z and went to a larger engine..then I learned my likes and dislikes concerning driveability...:nono:

    I also learnrd about $$$$upporting mods, lol. $$$$ being key lol. My cam now is a bit too radical for me but I am not paying to take it out just yet. This forum has taught me alot. I kinda got interested in your build because it is something differnt. I guess the money has to stop somewhere but you could still keep it long term and do a dart block or something. :shrug:

    I was just over Rick91GT's shop last week and it was amazing the difference in the blocks when he showed my side-by side. Its like...cutting a hole in the side of a trailer and looking at the width (302 block) and then cutting a hole in a pre-civil war home (dart) and looking at the width. Amazing. IIRC I think he said there was a 100# difference. :eek:
  19. The stock block will be fine at 425rwhp @ 7000 rpms. My block has lasted for 5 years like that with no issues...and the new owner of my old shortblock is reusing it again.
  20. This intake is being a pain in the ass! :mad: I cannot get it to clear the 3.5" hood I got.