Pics of project 400rwhp N/A stock block 331

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  1. LOL I had the same problem, and hopefully I can save you some pain.

    First - Is the trans bolted up to the engine and trans mount so it sits were it will be permanatly?

    Second - if the above doesnt work, trim the back portion of the hood were it rests on top of the intake. What I did was put a few gobs of white thread sealant on the intake and then closed the hood to see where it was touching, then trim away. I thought I had a picture of where I trimed but cannot find it.

    FYI, I cut the hood first to make it fit, then I bolted up the trans. Reason I say bolt up the trans first is becuase I would have not had to trim the hood if I had done this first since the whole engine tilted forward like 2" :nonono:


    Good luck!


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  2. William

    Yes the trans was on the cross member bolted down.

    The intake is hitting the hood on the front of the intake. What I did was take the adapter plate and took out 1/2" to give me alittle more room. This shortened my runners 1/2" but hopefully this wont cause a decrease in performance or anything noticeable.

    What hood do you have? I have this one below. $500 hood and I did think about trimming it some :nonono: but I'm not sure how much room is between the inner fiberglass and the outer. I would like this to be the last resort. Also what kind of motor mounts do you have? I have poly ones and I know they raise the motor some but they also are allowing my headers to clear my steering shaft so I'm afraid if I change them that will cause another problem. :mad:

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  3. Thread title change made. We wouldn't want to false advertise now would we? ;)
  4. Yes I too am running the Poly mounts. As far as what kind of hood I have, Honestly I cannot remember what brand it was. I purchased it over 6 years ago from a shop that went out of buisness.

    It was the back of my intake that was touching the back edge of the hood, not towards the front.

    This is a 3.5" cowl also.

    Pics of my hood from last summer:




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  5. Thats an insanely beautiful car William. Reminds me of my 99 Cobra. :nice:



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  6. Anyways, update on the hood clearance. I had the intake spacer/adapter taken off 1/2" and the hood almost clears. However the hood is hitting my shocks now and that kinda has me ?????...... I still think I am going to have to either shave the hood or put in the stock motor mounts to lower the motor alittle bit.
  7. Good news!!!! The hood clears! So all damn day today I got to try to figure out why the hell the stock motor mounts wouldn't go into place. They would fall into the slots but the little placement nipple wouldn't go into its slot. Didn't get much of anything done today other than getting the intake to clear the hood finally and changed around the spacers on the struts so they would clear the hood. And I think the headers will clear even with the stock motor mounts. If not it will be a slight dent in the headers, no big deal.
  8. man, that is one agressive project for sure. most people would be happy with 350 at the wheels out of a 331

    best of luck with it. if you end up deciding to scrap it and go 351 stroker, let me know because mine is up for sale. i need to finance the completion of the fairlane somehow
  9. Whats in your shortblock? I've got a 69 block but if the sonic checking doesn't come out good I might take you up on your offer! :nice:
  10. 1970 block, .040" over
    CHP rotating assembly
    cast crank
    main girdle
    forged pistons
    afr 205 heads
    comp pro magnum rockers
    10.27:1 compression ratio
    march brackets and pulleys
    fox accessories

  11. Sounds nice but I'm going to need a forged crank and different pistons than you have.
  12. Why? I thought you were going for 500rw with it?
  13. 500rwhp N/A plus a 200 wet shot.

    And my heads are TW heads so I need the correct pistons for that.
  14. Cervini's 3.5"

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  15. Finally got the motor in for good.

  16. Looking sweet :D I like the way that intake looks.
  17. Accufab TB just showed up. Its a shame to put this anywhere but above the fireplace!


    I'd say its a touch bigger than the Edelbrock 70mm....

  18. piece billet aluminum :drool:
  19. Yep thats what I got.