Pics of project 400rwhp N/A stock block 331

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  1. Car made over 400rwhp. Mission accomplished.
  2. Dyno sheets and full write up, or it didn't happen. :D
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  3. Why'd you edit your post?

    Please post the graphs, as I'm sure lots of people want to see it.
  4. Yes, I'd like to see it as well! I might build a 331..
  5. I don't believe you need the "crystal" as mentioned in your thread on hardcore. The T4MO should be fine above 6500 unlike the A9L as it has a faster processor.

    You posted the numbers there, why not here?
  6. Ask "Monkey?" Maybe he is too busy out making fun of purple camaros.
  7. this is such a let down. you can't just leave us hanging with just a mission accomplished statement...
  8. Fair enough, the 331 made 457rwhp and 410rwtq.
  9. Yea I had never heard of this. Then again I've only owned one Fox body and that was for a whole 3 months. :lol:

    I took the car to 7,000rpms and it felt like it pulled harder. It could be in my head but I think the motor actually made more power than was put on the sheet. Either way I think I set a new bench mark for a hydr roller cammed 331 on pump gas. :cool:

    Like I said on Hardcore these numbers were after 6 back to back dyno pulls so the motor was HOT! Also was through a set of 2 chamber Chokemasters. I'm thinking about throwing some 1.7 RRs on, my straight through mufflers, and a bigger MAF and see if I can get 465-470rwhp.

    Cant wait to start putting this 351 together. :D
  10. Congrats!!!:nice:

    Any way you can post a clip of the idle with the car warmed up now that you have a tune on it? Did it mellow out a bit?
  11. Dyno chart?
  12. 0415092254.jpg

    Car made more than 457rwhp, he just ended the pull too soon.
  13. I was curious when that combo hit 300rwtq although I know you don't care. Looks like 4000rpm?

    p.s. I looked for your numbers posted somewhere else online and all I could find was a post about some dude named "Ross" in a purple camaro who was mad at u cuz you called the color gay, lol.
  14. No idea :shrug:

    Anyways the car made 300rwtq before 3,000rpms. The lines on the torque go 325, 350, 375, and 400. If need be I can take a closer pic of just the torque curve.
  15. Color me impressed! I was being sarcastic earlier too. People get afraid of "big" parts sometimes and I have to laugh, as in the case of throttle bodies like was mentioned before.

  16. So why doesn't everyone do their car this way? What are the downsides? Compression or higher than 93 octane needed? Noise? $$? Driveability?
  17. They don't know what they are doing and they listen to people that don't know that much about going fast.
  18. I was thinking about seeing if I can get this car with this engine in MM&FF mag or 5.0 mag. Do you guys think I'd have a shot or be worthy? I've never tried anything like that lol

    Heres a pic of it about to go on the dyno...


    And here is a motor shot


    I'll take a couple better pics tomorrow and maybe get a video of it with the exhaust on.
  19. I would say yes based on the numbers you reached alone. You have gotten better results than anyone expected. On the trick flows- were they ported or anything? I had trick flows (170cc) and always wondered how they would perform on my big c.i. I sold them cuz I never thought they would flow enough.

    Next question:

    What would you have done to my basic combo na differently? Larger cam? I don't see why you wouldn't have hit well over 500rwhp using the same mindset with mine.

    I have 414c.i., afr 205's, edel victor j intake, 80mm Accufab TB, LT 1 7/8 accufabs, 42# inj, .586 lift cam, PMS programmer.
  20. Not everyone, I said "at least 440hp" on page 1 :p

    The reason yours didn't make as much power as you could is you have this infatuation with low end torque and you let that take over. I don't mean this to be rude but you asked :)