Pics of project 400rwhp N/A stock block 331

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  1. If you really want lets take this to PM's so this thread can stay on topic. When you are ready to change up your combination let me know and I'll design you something you can be happy with.
  2. I hear ya guys. I thought mine was already a bit radical being over that 1:1 ratio. I am happy with my results but this combo has gotten him 127 rwhp OVER what I was taught on this forum were "streetable" results. Tis same comb owould put me at 572 RWHP/THAT IS BLOWER TERRIToRY GUYS. :eek:

    When I say streetable, I want good low end, not vibrating the heck out of entire car at lights, not incredibly LOUD, no need for anything above 93 octane, no excessive bucking and at least 300rwtq by 2500 RPM.

    Maybe Grady can chime in with his thoughts? Has this thread changed your mind about your 1:1 ratio for NA rwhp = streetable and over that it becomes a track car? :shrug: :scratch:

    SS - DOES YOUR CAR NEED OCTANE BOOST? If it is above 10:5:1 I would assume it does.
  3. My car runs on pump gas and is fine on the street, this car is my daily driver. I'm building a 351W now and I plan on it making 600rwhp or more N/A with a hydr roller cam again.

    Oh and my temp needles doesn't go past the N on NORMAL even in stop and go traffic close to 80 degrees. :D If the block would hold it I would shoot for 500rwhp out of this 331 (again, on pump gas and keeping it driver friendly).

  4. I don't want to derail stopsigns thread BUT this is the type of thinking why many achieve mediocre results with their thousands of dollars spent on a combination. There is NO such power:cubic inch ratio that determines street and "race" car :nono:

    Oh and 11:1 here 93 pump gas ONLY :nice:
  5. Sorry I dont want to derail either but I wanted to add that I am not trying to make an A$$ out of anyone either. I just want to know the facts. Thanks. :)
  6. Don't worry man, I usually make an ass out of myself before anyone else does. :rlaugh::rlaugh:

    :nice: Let me know if you need help getting to your goals.
  7. hehe. Thanks!
  8. Also, there's more to what compression ratio = 93 octane.....

    Compression isnt as simple as 10.5:1, there's more to it than that. Read this: Dynamic CR

    Also, asking about a 1:1 ratio for street cars is like asking whats the best exhaust. Let me tell ya, this Grn92LX character is an IDIOT. He'll take a 4.56 geared car, with open headers, doing 3600rpms on the freeway and say its a great street car LOL j/k

    But seriously, everyone's tolerance for a street car is different. These guys dont need race gas, and how loud the car is up to you and your choice of an exhaust system. When you say vibrating you mean you dont want a hard lope at idle?
  9. Sure, I mean sitting at a light and the car going cHiCHuCHichicHiCH uCHichicHiCHuCHichicHiCHuCHichi - and I am bopping around in the car and everything is rattling and I feel like I am driving a bucket of bolts. That's not my personal idea of a street car. This gets on my nerves after a short while and feels like a junker to me. Thanks on the octane vs compression, I have always wondered about that. :nice:
  10. Is that a Jay Allen influenced combo? Great results!! The right cam has everything to do with making a big high flowing head and intake combo perform on a smaller ci combo.
  11. Ehh i've started mine up like that once and it sounded like siht :shrug:
  12. Nope this is a combo I came up with after months and months of research. Even has an OTS cam in it.
  13. A matched combination is best. This can be larger cross sectional area heads/intake, with a small camshaft (tighter intake events and tighter exhaust events) or a good average platform combination. The funny thing is, they all perform VERY similar with the same goal in mind.

    Most of the time, those that go large on parts tend to run faster, but typically have less tolerance or different goals.

    Goals are different from one person to the next.

    What is frustrating to watch is track comparisons across the country. Nobody seems to care what the race weight is, altitude, or how many accessories one has. These are all HUGE factors in the results at the track.

    BTW, nice numbers. Seems pretty typical for a build/goal like that.

  14. Stop lying, you know you liked it!!!! :D
  15. Then that makes your results even more impressive. Have you said which cam you used? I really like your combo. I've alway wondered why I haven't seen more combos like this one.

    5spd gt I agree with you. The combos with larger intakes and heads on smaller engines are less forgiving if the wrong cam is picked which generally kills all lower rpm power.
  16. So I wonder what my 10.5:1 347 with solid roller, extrude honed Victor 5.0 intake, and Canfield 195cc will make if your 331 made 450+rwhp??

    If I made the same numbers as you I would be ecstatic.

    Also, have you noticed any heat soak from having the filter in the engine bay instead of in the fender? I have to make an intake identicval to yours and was pondering whether to try to put the filter in the fender and if it was worth it. I could get a much bigger filter if I didnt put it in the fender.
  17. Got any updated vids for the stang ?
  18. 331 stroker: Pump gas N/A 457rwhp/410rwtq. Wow~ Sound real nice and i like how it idles too, Nice build, Personally i don't even know what 7500 RPM sounds like on 5.0 street car, probably sound

    Trick flow combo makes some crazy power
  19. would you mind sharing some of what you learned from all your research with us? you know, things like:

    which OTS cam did you choose?
    how high can you rev it?
    did you use extra lightweight rotating assembly and valvetrain components?

    that kind of stuff ....

  20. You plan on getting any track times?